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Naked Pictures Leaked of Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives

It’s not just NBA players that are getting caught out when it comes to private snaps going public. (Click to read about Greg Oden’s doodle, George Hill’s premature problem and Dorell Wright’s shortcomings.) Now it turns out that Evelyn Lozada, the ex-fiancĂ©e of Antoine Walker currently appearing in VH1’s Basketball Wives, took some naked photos of her own. While it’s unknown exactly how long ago they were captured and sent to that special someone, they hit the web very recently and have been widely disseminated since then. All that is known is that they originated from a man she previously dated to whom she sent the photos in confidence. As we’ve learned recently, though, it’s not too uncommon for such shots to find their way out into the wide world.

34-year-old Evelyn, who criticized Royce Reed for her wild behavior in the first episode, will be mortified to find that these photos have leaked. Of the seven salacious photos leaked, four show her exposed breasts, with the quality being high enough to remove all doubt that it could be someone else. You can see small, censored versions of the photos below. Head over to to see the full-size, uncensored photos.

Update: We just caught this message from Evelyn’s Twitter feed:

Msg in church 2day was to love ur ENEMY! 2 the person who leaked my pics (I know who u are) I prayed 4 u & my heart is sad 4 u. I don’t hate u & never will (Matthew 5:43-48)

She also states that it definitely wasn’t Antoine Walker who leaked the pictures.

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