Chris Paul caught partying at Voyeur
Saturday , Apr , 21 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Chris Paul caught partying at Voyeur

Chris Paul and Caron Butler caught partying the night away with playoffs about to start.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: These Clippers looked more focused on picking up girls than winning games.


The DJ had the music blasting, the club dancers were topless, the drinks were flowing, and the party was definitely on at Club Voyeur in Los Angeles Friday night. The special guests getting their party on were two Clippers one would expect to be resting up with the NBA playoffs starting in a week. Instead, Chris Paul and Caron Butler felt like blowing off some steam at one of LA's most notorious nightclubs. Paul and Butler were the center of attention at Voyeur Friday night with the MC even getting on the mic to announce, "We've got Chris Paul in the house tonight" numerous times. 

Voyeur is one of LA's wildest nightclubs. It's where known partiers like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have danced the night away. Paul and Butler looked to be having a great time at the party and stayed until the very end. Then they grabbed a few girls and darted out the backdoor.

Normally NBA players partying at clubs is no big deal, but with the playoffs starting on April 28th one would hope CP3 would have more on his mind than a banging party. Yet, this appeared to be exactly what the LA star was interested in last night.

The Clippers are 4th in the Western Conference and in the midst of one of their best seasons in recent history. This season has brought the birth of Lob City to LA with the recipe of CP3 connecting with high fliyers like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. The question is do the Clippers have the focus to win in the playoffs. While teams like the Lakers are resting key players like Kobe Bryant to ensure he's fresh for the playoffs, the Clippers appear content to party the night away. 


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Gabrielle Union banned from first row
Friday , Apr , 20 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Gabrielle Union banned from first row

Dwayne Wade bans Gabrielle Union from courtside seats.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Gabrielle Union can sit anywhere she likes in my world.


It's no secret that actress Gabrielle Union and Miami's Dwayne Wade are dating. It's also no secret that Union has been a huge Miami Heat fan for years. What might shock some fans is how Wade had her banned from the first row of Heat home games. Apparently, Union's heckling of opposing teams was getting out of hand.

Gabrielle confided to Conan O'Brien last night that her heckling was getting so bad her boyfriend asked her to go back a couple rows from the court. Union went on to explain that Wade is not immune to her critique. She believes if he can't hear the truth from her, who can he hear it from. 

Maybe it was Union's passion for the game that was the real spark behind Wade's forearm shove to Richard Hamilton last night resulting in a flagrant-1 foul on Wade and Hamilton lying flat on his back. This is the most heart we've seen in the Heat since the Big Three were assembled. 

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Monday , Apr , 09 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Sources: Lamar Odom, Dallas Mavericks to part ways

Lamar Odom's brief and bumpy ride with the Dallas Mavericks has come to an abrupt end. The Mavericks and Odom spent Easter Sunday working out a parting, according to sources close to the situation, that frees the struggling Odom to leave the team immediately without actually being released.


HoopsVibe`s Very Quick Call: The Dallas Mavericks and Lamar Odom parted ways on Easter Sunday, ending a short, unsuccessful run together. The Mavericks have struggled to find their form, while Odom never accepted the Los Angeles Lakers trading him -even though he requested a change after the nixed Chris Paul trade.

The Mavericks will likely be fine. In fact, the defending world champions may be better without Odom and the circus that surrounds him.

After all, the former Sixth Man of the Year contributed little on-court, so the Mavericks will simply give his minutes to other players, buy-out the final year of his deal before July, and use the cap space to chase Deron Williams this summer.

Odom will take a hit, however. He was distracted all year and few teams will have interest in signing him after the debacle in Dallas.

Of course, the few teams that do have interest in Odom will then have to decide if they want the reality TV monster known as Khloe and Lamar in the locker room.

The answer is likely no.

Since shacking up with a Kardashian about two years ago, Odom has been distracted and confused. Perhaps he needs to return to being a basketball player.

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Monday , Apr , 09 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Kanye West confirms relationship with Kim ‘K’, disses Kris Humphries

On his new track ``Theraflu`` Kanye West pretty much confirms the rumors that he and Kim Kardashian had a thing going on, and he slams Kris Humphries in the process. “And I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim, around the same time she had fell in love with him/Well that’s cool, baby girl do your thing.”“Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team.”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Just when Kris Humphries thought he was out, Kanye West has put him back in the spotlight.

Humphries, of course, was married to celebrity Kim Kardashian for a whooping 72 days before the two made massive headlines by splitting up.

The New Jersey Nets’ power forward has kept a low profile until now. West, a flamboyant rapper and producer, is currently with Kardashian and couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Humphries on his new song.

Jay-Z, West’s good friend and mentor, is part owner of the Nets, which also makes him Humphries’ boss. Yes, the entire episode is a little odd.

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Wednesday , Mar , 28 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Tony Parker: Spurs can beat Thunder to win championship

"Our goal is to win a championship. Tim Duncan and I haven’t got a lot of time left. The Spurs made the right moves by signing Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills. We have a complete team now. We know we can beat everybody in the West, we proved it by beating OKC two times already. Winning another title is something we can do this year. (…)


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: In the last month, the San Antonio Spurs have added Boris Diaw, Stephen Jackson, and Patty Mills to take, perhaps, their final run at an NBA championship.

This has All-Star point guard Tony Parker excited -and with good reason.

The black-and-silver has accumulated a potentially potent mix of youth and experience. They still have their ‘Big Three’ in Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker, while DeJuan Blair, Kwahi Leonard, Gary Neal, and Tiago Splitter are all young and athletic.

The key could be Jackson. If he finds his past form -something that shouldn’t be too difficult as he won a championship with the Spurs in 2003- then Gregg Popovich’s crew could give the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers competition out west.

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Thursday , Mar , 22 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Lamar Odom blames Khloe ‘K’ for sinking NBA career?

“He resents the show for taking his focus off the game,” a source close to Lamar reveals. The source adds that Lamar feels reality television and his association with the Kardashians has ruined his reputation! And Lamar is blaming the show for his trade to Dallas and the all the scrutiny over his personal life for his basketball woes.  As a result of his frustrations, Lamar is isolating Khloe and has even stopped being intimate with her! “He really shut down and told her to leave him alone for awhile,” the friend shares. Lamar is so upset he’s even stopped undergoing fertility treatments with his wife. “Khloe is trying to stand by him, but it’s hard,” the source shares. “He’s always so angry.” Khloe’s rep denies any of the problems are true.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Lamar Odom, sort of, gets it.

The versatile forward has learned the NBA -  and most sane members of society - won’t take him seriously if he’s doing reality TV with dilettante Khloe Kardashian.

The versatile forward has also realized his reality TV career (if you can call reality TV a career) will turn off teams this summer when the Dallas Mavericks buyout the final year of his contract and make him a free agent.

So he’s - allegedly - thinking of pulling the plug on his marriage to the less famous, older Kardashian sister, which would - hopefully - end their ‘Khloe and Lamar’ shtick.

Bottom line: it’s on Odom.

Restoring his reputation as an NBA player means ending the second rate celebrity sideshow and performing on-court.

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Monday , Mar , 12 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Kris Humphries wants $7 million from Kim Kardashian?

Kris Humphries is secretly demanding $7 MILLION from Kim Kardashian to walk away from their marriage ... TMZ has learned.  Sources directly connected to Kris tell TMZ ... the bballer -- through his Minnesota lawyer -- has given Kim an ultimatum ... either pay up, or endure an ugly, public trial.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Is Kris Humphries a ‘gold digger’, celebrity ex-husband, or a jilted lover?

The correct answer may be all of the above, as the New Jersey Nets power forward wants  a $7 million settlement from former wife Kim Kardashian for their short-lived marriage.

Remember, these two met and tied the knot in a ‘fairy tale’ romance before Kardashian, a reality TV diva, filed for divorce 72 days later citing the always popular irreconcilable differences.

Humphries must have missed the warning signs on Kardashian, which are about as large as her attention-drawing assets. And now, fair or not, he wants to get paid.

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Saturday , Mar , 03 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Will Lamar Odom or Mr. Khloe Kardashian return to Mavs?

Mavs decide they need Lamar Odom ASAP for tonight's game against Utah. D-League stint canceled. Story w/Jeff Caplan going up now.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Mr. Khloe Kardashian will not have to 'lower' himself by reporting to the D-League, after all.

The Dallas Mavericks did send Lamar Odom to their minor league affiliate, the Texas Legends, for a conditioning stint after his return from personal leave.

The Mavericks, it turns out, need Odom for tonight's match against the Utah Jazz, so he's been recalled.

Here’s the question: is Odom ready to contribute?

He has spent months whining like a reality TV diva about his beloved Lakers including him in the nixed Chris Paul trade. Odom could have stayed with the purple-and-gold but forced a move to Team Cuban.

The versatile swing has had a reduced role in Rick Carlisle’s rotation. All his numbers are down.

Odom must improve to earn decent money next summer when the Mavericks buy out his contract to chase chase free agents Dwight Howard and/or Deron Williams.

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Sunday , Jan , 15 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Kobe owes Vanessa Bryant $75 million and two mansions?

TMZ has checked official records ... which show on January 5th, Kobe surrendered his interest in 2 of their estates to Vanessa ... on that same day Vanessa surrendered her interest in a 3rd home to Kobe. 

As far as who got what ... the title transfers don't list addresses, but our sources say Vanessa is now the full owner of the mansion she shared with Kobe in Newport Coast. As for the second home Vanessa now owns in full ...  it's the nearby mansion where her mother has been living.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This is what happens when a superstar athlete’s marriage goes wrong. He - in this case, Kobe Bryant - pays, especially if he has been unfaithful and doesn't have a prenup'.

Reports are surfacing that Bryant must fork over $75 million and the keys to two of his family’s luxury mansions as part of his divorce to Vanessa Bryant.

You, me, and 99% of the world would be impacted by this. But Bryant, who refused to have Vanessa sign a prenuptial agreement, won’t let it take away from his play on-court with the Los Angeles Lakers.

After all, Bryant played through an incident in Denver, Colorado. He’ll do the same with this.

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Sunday , Jan , 01 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

King Gets A Queen: LeBron to marry girlfriend Savannah Brinson

Chris Paul via twitter: Happy for my brother @KingJames and sis @SavannahRB on their engagement!!! Extremely happy for them and the good times to come #HappyNewYearSun Jan 01 06:06:50 via UberSocial for BlackBerry.


HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: He isn't worried by Kobe Bryant's pending divorce. And Kris Humphries' sham marriage and current status as the NBA's 'MHP' (most hated player) doesn't phase him, either.

The twitter world is abuzz because Miami Heat superstar LeBron James finally proposed to long-time girlfriend Savannah Brinson over the weekend.

Perhaps James was inspired by Michael Jordan, who got engaged last week to his Cuban model girlfriend Yvette Prieto.  Perhaps not.

So, will James and Brinson's union end in tears and tabloid covers or will these two live happily ever after? Let HoopsVibe News know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Thanks, Kim Kardashian: Kris Humphries most hated player in NBA
Thursday , Dec , 22 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Thanks, Kim Kardashian: Kris Humphries most hated player in NBA

Then recently, Humphries’ marriage to Kardashian was over – 72 days after it started. Then came the speculation: Was the marriage fake all along? Was Kim really caught in a nude Yoga session with a male instructor in their home? It’s all created enough tabloid fatigue for the public, when asked which player in the NBA they most dislike, now choose Humphries’ name before any other.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: You know LeBron James is grinning from ear-to-ear.

After all, James was public enemy number one, facing the wrath of fans, the media, his peers, and what seemed like all 7 billion residents of planet earth for ‘The Decision’ and ‘The Pre-Emptive Championship Celebration’.

Well, Kris Humphries, who was once Mr. Kim Kardashian, has replaced King James as the most despised in the NBA.

No surprise here. For months, Humphries’ dome has been plastered on every gossip rag because of his relationship with the high profile Kardashian.

Of course, many feel the whole thing was staged -including their 72 day marriage.

Humphries best course of action: forget the celebrity life and focus on being a pretty decent power forward for the rebuilding New Jersey Nets.

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Saturday , Dec , 17 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Did Kobe cheat … again?

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Vanessa -- who stuck by Kobe after he was charged with sexually assaulting a Colorado woman in 2003 -- decided to end the marriage because she believes Kobe has been unfaithful ... again.

As one source puts it, "She's been dealing with these incidents for a long time and has been a faithful wife, but she's finally had enough," adding, "This one is the straw that broke the camel's back." And our sources say ... Kobe "desperately" wants to win Vanessa back and will do "whatever it takes" to save their 10 1/2 year marriage.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: She stood by him during his sexual assault case. And she stood by him through rumors of affairs and infidelity.

Not now, though.

Vanessa Bryant, the wife of Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Kids, that’s code for infidelity. And various sources are reporting that Vanessa felt Bryant had again been unfaithful.

Apparently, the two sides have worked out all or most details of the divorce, and Vanessa is entitled to half of Bryant’s $350 million because there is no prenuptial agreement.

Bryant’s focus has helped him play through past distractions, however, his divorce is one more distraction for a Lakers side in transition.

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Monday , Dec , 12 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Kobe on Lamar Odom trade: ‘I don’t like it’

One of his closest friends on the Lakers, Lamar Odom, was traded Saturday night to Dallas for a first-round pick in the 2012 amateur draft, depriving the Lakers of their top rebounder and a solid character guy in the locker room. "I don't like it," Bryant said Sunday. "I've known Lamar for a long time, and for the team itself, he's meant a lot in terms of his versatility, his personality. He's a big presence for us in the locker room, just from a team chemistry standpoint. He's great at bringing guys together and things of that nature.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The straw that stirs the purple-and-gold's drink has spoken. And he isn’t happy.

Kobe Bryant, arguably the game’s best player and franchise face for the Los Angeles Lakers, is unhappy that forward Lamar Odom was shipped to the Dallas Mavericks in a salary clearing move.

Bryant was unhappy for a few reasons:

First, Odom was a key guy in the locker room, bringing different people and factions together into a cohesive whole.

Second, Odom, a former Sixth Man of the Year, had his best season as a Laker in 2011, despite being supposedly distracted by his reality TV duties as Mr. Khloe Kardashian.

Third, Odom went to the Dallas Mavericks, the 2011 world champions and arch rival of the Lakers.

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Tuesday , Nov , 01 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Kim Kardashian breaks Kris Humphries’ heart with divorce

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce Monday morning, after 72 days of not-so-wedded bliss to Kris Humphries  ... TMZ has learned, and now we have the documents. We're told even though the marriage was short, she is not seeking an annulment. It's a garden variety divorce, in which Kim cites "irreconcilable differences." The date of separation is listed as today, Oct. 31, 2011.  According to the docs, Kim wants Kris to foot his own lawyers' fees and she'll pay hers.  And, she wants the court to reject any move by Kris to get spousal support.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Alas, it was not meant to be.

The whirlwind romance and marriage between reality celebrity Kim Kardashian and NBA power forward Kris Humphries has ended in, well, a whirlwind.

Kardashian has reportedly filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Meanwhile, Humphries, who learned of the split via TMZ, is crushed and will do anything and everything to fix things.

Memo to Humphries: move on. Your marriage wasn’t - in the words of Andre 3000 - ‘forever, ever‘.

The four-man should have been suspicious when Kardashian’s people phoned around the NBA in search of a potential mate last season.

This was highly unorthodox -even by today’s standard of E-Harmony matchmaking, fix-me-ups and internet cattle-calls. 

Alarm bells should’ve been ringing when recent reports circulated that the folks at E-Television, including Kardashian, initially preferred an Italian three-man to Humphries.

The whole thing stunk of premeditation -even for the premeditated world of the Kardashian family and  reality television.

So Humphries knew what he was getting into. It’s time he returns to being just a basketball player and retires from being a second-rate celebrity.

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Sunday , Oct , 30 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Eva Longoria dating Matt Barnes?

Eva  Longoria may have her eye on a new baller. The actress shared a flirty dinner with LA Lakers forward Matt Barnes in New York.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Before 'Kris and Kim' and 'Lamar and Khloe', there was Tony and Eva.

As in the San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker and television actress Eva Longoria.

Then Parker had a salacious texting-affair with the former wife of ex-Spurs teammate Brent Barry, so he and Longoria split.

It was messy. Still, the French table-setter and Desperate Housewives star were amicable in public  -like when being filmed by TMZ.

That détente could change if reports are true that Longoria is moving on with Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes. 

Parker’s Spurs and Barnes’ Lakers are bitter rivals. And there’s little respect league-wide for Barnes' scrappy style.

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Las Vegas Superstar Challenge Sounds Doper Than Vida Guerra
Friday , Oct , 28 , 2011 Paul Eide

Las Vegas Superstar Challenge Sounds Doper Than Vida Guerra

Am I crazy for being a little bit excited about the Las Vegas Superstar Challenge?? I promised myself that during the strike, I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t get excited about substandard basketball that was a shade above the “And 1 Mixtape Tour” simply because it featured current NBA players and I am basketball starved.

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Friday , Oct , 28 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Kim Kardashian preferred Danilo Gallinari over Kris Humprhies?

Kim was so eager to date a basketball player that E! were calling around teams to matchmake with NBA athletes, has learned. Wetpaint claim that E! Television staff contacted the New York Knicks to ask if hunky Italian basketball star Danilo Gallinari (this guy) would be interested in dating Kim.


HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Talk about a blow to Kris Humphries' ego.

Humphries was not the first choice of his current wife and reality star Kim Kardahsian, who initially inquired about dating Danilo Gallinari.

The former Knicks' three-man said no to dating, but yes to 'meeting' Kardashian. Hump said yes. And the covers of US Weekly have never been busier.

Sadly, Kim and Kris are reportedly on the rocks. Their two-month whirlwind is over because she has a job and he does not with the NBA lockout.

So perhaps Gallinari still has a chance. Except he's no longer in New York, which may not fit Kim's branding plan for a big city hubby.

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Sunday , Oct , 23 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries breaking up?

Rumors are swirling that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are on the brink of splitting, just two months into their marriage. Star reports that Kardashian may have already consulted a "top divorce lawyer," as she was spotted on said lawyer's floor in a New York office building. The magazine claims that Kardashian is fed up with Humphries' partying while he is out of a job thanks to the NBA lockout. It reported that Humphries has been spotted partying in both Miami and New York without Kim, getting flirty with multiple women and "acting like a single man."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Say it isn’t so?

Various publications are alleging reality TV diva Kim Kardashian and mediocre NBA power forward Kris Humphries are having marital troubles.

Apparently, Kim is too busy with her job (whatever that is) and Kris is too busy partying because he doesn’t have a job (NBA players are locked out).

This has Kim calling her divorce attorney, while Kris is calling his ex in Toronto, who looks exactly like Kim (see for yourself).

Oh, the drama.

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Sunday , Sep , 25 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s husband, ‘an absolute jerk’

Kris Humphries came on a visit and tried to commit. He really wanted to come here. But no one on the team liked Kris Humphries. He was arrogant. He told everyone he was going to come in and be the leading scorer as a freshman and that we’d all have to take a backseat to him. We were trying to be respectful and not say anything. But he was an absolute jerk. It was tough, because Roy was really excited about him. Kris Humphries was a big deal. He was a one-and-done or a two-and-done kind of player. Roy wanted him to commit on his visit. But we told him, “Coach, you can’t bring this guy in. You can’t do it.” You’d figure Roy would say something like, “Let’s work on him,” or “Let’s give him another chance.” Instead he told Humphries, “Sorry, but you can’t come.” 


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: For once, Kris Humphries is making headlines that have nothing to do with being married to Kim Kardashian.

Once upon a time, Humphries was just a basketball player, and not tabloid fodder for US Weekly, National Enquirer and other celebrity publications.

Problem is, his recent headlines aren’t good.

According to a soon-to-be-released-book on Kansas basketball, Humphries was an ‘absolute jerk’ on a recruiting visit. In fact, legendary coach Roy Williams told the four-man he wasn’t welcome to join the Jayhawks after high school.

Humphries spent a year at the University of Minnesota before having a mostly mediocre career until last year's uptick in play and notoriety.

--Oly Sandor.

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