Saturday , Feb , 19 , 2011 Andrew Flint

Streetball Legends: Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell

In streetball, to hear someone tell you how good they are is generally a sign that they aren’t that good to begin with. But to hear current and former NBA stars like Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Brian Shaw and Antonio Davis say it on camera unprovoked really means something. The vast majority of any “legend’ is made up through stories passed on by word of mouth and very rarely witnessed first-hand. Luckily for Mitchell, the rise of his legend coincided with the rise of the internet, so you can see just what a beast he was by clicking here. To hear NBA stars gush about a player who never made it to the league is pretty remarkable by itself.Streetball Legends: Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell

What separated Mitchell from the mortals was his otherworldly leaping ability. At 5-9, Mitchell not only dunked over cars or multiple people, but even once a ten-speed parked on top of a Volkswagen! For as good as he was on the court, Mitchell fell prey to drugs and was arrested for robbing a Blockbuster video store, spending five years in prison. But when he got out at the age of 35 he was given a tryout with his hometown Golden State Warriors, who had evidently been waiting for him. Though he didn’t make the team, missing the cut only served to add to the enigma and legend that is Hook Mitchell.