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Patrick Ewing To Re-launch Signature Shoe

Ewing to Re-launch Signature Shoes for $100 a pop.

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Nestled right between LeBron James’ new $300 “LeBron X” and Stephon Marbury’s reasonably priced $14.95 “Starburys”, the “Ewing 33 Hi Retro” shoe will garner $100 per pair. A lot of the younger generation may not be familiar with Patrick Ewing and how great of a player he was, let alone that he did in fact have his own shoe for a while. 

Ewing Athletics originally came onto the scene in 1989- I still remember walking around town and seeing the Ewing signature shoe from about two blocks away, thanks to the bold letters “EWING” scrawled across the heel of the shoe which was clearly visibly to all. The color combinations of the Ewing shoe were also rare at the time.

By 1990, Ewing Athletics had become a multi-million dollar company and launched a total of 20 different kinds of shoes by 1996, which was the year the company eventually shut down.

‘We did very well for a while, but it got harder,’ Ewing said a couple of weeks ago. ‘Lots of kids started replacing basketball shoes with Timberland sneakers and Nike became more of a force.’

Ewing says his game-plan with the re-launching of Ewing Athletics is to start small and focus on a niche- not go head to head with the retail giants of the industry, namely Nike which sells 95% of all the basketball shoes in the country.

The 33 Hi Retro are definitely a blast to the early-90’s past; anyone who remembers the shoe from that era will immediately recognize the relaunch. There are four different color combinations– white with blue highlighted by orange, blue with orange highlighted by white, red with black highlighted by white and black highlighted with white.

Ewing’s name and signature are on the heel and tongue and each shoe comes with a “33” basketball key chain. All in all, the Ewing 33 Hi Retro’s have a cool look, whether you are a Knicks fan or not.

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