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Kaley Cuoco Stars In Toyota Rav4 Super Bowl Commercial

Kaley Cuoco stars in Toyota's RAV4 Super Bowl commercial.

If you're gonna have a genie granting you wishes, who wants a giant blue Robin-Williams-sounding apparition spinning around like the Tasmanian Devil on crack? No, thanks — we'll take Kaley Cuoco instead.

Kaley Cuoco Stars In Toyota Rav4 Super Bowl Commercial

















"The Big Bang Theory" star is a hip, stylish genie of the "Legally Blonde" variety in the clever new commercial for the Toyota RAV4, debuting during this Sunday's Super Bowl telecast.


In "Wish Granted," Cuoco's RAV4 Genie pops in to give the Hendersons, an average American family of four — and RAV4 owners, of course — their wildest dreams. But where genies in these types of stories usually try to trick the wishee into making big choices, the RAV4 Genie is only vaguely invested in the whole wish-granting thing. In fact, she may not really even be listening.


If you can't wait for the big game to check out the spot or if you actually use commercial breaks to make a bathroom run during the Super Bowl (but who does that anymore?), then check out the ad in its entirety posted above.


Photo Credit: Screen Shot of Toyota Rav4 commercial.