Chris Paul caught partying at Voyeur
Saturday , Apr , 21 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Chris Paul caught partying at Voyeur

Chris Paul and Caron Butler caught partying the night away with playoffs about to start.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: These Clippers looked more focused on picking up girls than winning games.


The DJ had the music blasting, the club dancers were topless, the drinks were flowing, and the party was definitely on at Club Voyeur in Los Angeles Friday night. The special guests getting their party on were two Clippers one would expect to be resting up with the NBA playoffs starting in a week. Instead, Chris Paul and Caron Butler felt like blowing off some steam at one of LA's most notorious nightclubs. Paul and Butler were the center of attention at Voyeur Friday night with the MC even getting on the mic to announce, "We've got Chris Paul in the house tonight" numerous times. 

Voyeur is one of LA's wildest nightclubs. It's where known partiers like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have danced the night away. Paul and Butler looked to be having a great time at the party and stayed until the very end. Then they grabbed a few girls and darted out the backdoor.

Normally NBA players partying at clubs is no big deal, but with the playoffs starting on April 28th one would hope CP3 would have more on his mind than a banging party. Yet, this appeared to be exactly what the LA star was interested in last night.

The Clippers are 4th in the Western Conference and in the midst of one of their best seasons in recent history. This season has brought the birth of Lob City to LA with the recipe of CP3 connecting with high fliyers like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. The question is do the Clippers have the focus to win in the playoffs. While teams like the Lakers are resting key players like Kobe Bryant to ensure he's fresh for the playoffs, the Clippers appear content to party the night away. 


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