Deion Sanders Wife Out of Jail
Saturday , Apr , 28 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Deion Sanders Wife Out of Jail

Deion Sanders' Wife Out of Jail

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: She's even cute when she cries.

Pilar Sander was released from jail today after being arrested for alleged assault on Deion Sanders. Really? Really?
I'm supposed to believe this former NFL player was assaulted by this woman and needed to call the cops? Supposedly, Pilar jumped Deion in his bedroom with the help of one of her friends. Their two sons witnessed the whole thing. The two have been in a bitter divorce battle since December with the kids caught in the middle. This is pathetic. What was Pilar doing in Deion's bedroom if they're getting divorced? They both refuse to move out of their mansion.
Just to make it clear what the maturity level is with this couple, Deion took a picture of himself filing charges against PIlar with his two sons and posted it on his twitter account. Classy. Real classy. Both Deion and PIlar need to grow up and be adults.
PIlar's fresh out of jail breakdown is below.
Here's a pic of PIlar during happier times. Yes, these were definitely happier times.
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