Rose Out For The Year
Sunday , Apr , 29 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Rose Out For The Year

Derrick Rose blows out his ACL with 1:22 left in a game Chicago had already won.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Why was Rose still in the game?

Tom Thibodeau will be questioned on why he left Derrick Rose in the game with the Chicago Bulls up on the Orlando Magic 103-91 with just 1:22 left for the rest of his life. This will haunt Bulls fans forever. Chicago mourns today even as they won the game, but know that with Rose's absence they lost the season.

Rose was still working his way back up to 100% after earlier season injuries and was in the middle of a monster game with 23 points, 9 assists, and 9 rebounds. This injury instantly changes the Bulls from the most feared team in the East to a mediocre team at best. They still have weapons like Luol Deng, Rip Hamilton, and Joakim Noah, but without Rose on the floor this team has zero chance at a title run. They had a winning percentage of 82.1% with Rose on the floor and only 66.7% without. This is truly a sad day in Chicago.
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Tuesday , Aug , 09 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Video: Terrence Williams ‘Posterizes’ Derrick Caracter, celebrates by dis-robing

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call:  If soccer players get to do it then why can't Terrence Williams of the Rockets?

In a recent summer run, Williams threw down an impressive jam over the Lakers’ Derrick Caracter, and then celebrated by taking off his jersey and spiking it on the baseline.

Since this wasn't an NBA game, there was no technical foul, ejection, or whistle.

--Oly Sandor.

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