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Tuesday , May , 25 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Eddy Curry needs Suzy Orman

HoopsVibe's Call:  A $575, 000 loan at 85% interest? $30,000 a month in household expenses? $1,000 a month for cable?

With expenses like this, Eddy Curry, the New York Knicks' much maligned post, needs a financial mentor/intervention. Perhaps, late-night informercial guru Suzy Orman is available.

While it's commendable to care for family and friends after making it 'big', Curry's spending is straight out of control.

Curry - who barely played in 2009-10 and is under contract for just one more year at $10 million - must immediately change his spending patterns or he'll soon join former shoulder-shimmy star Antoine Walker, the nation of Greece, and producer Jermaine Dupri in bankruptcy.

And there's nothing worse than Uncle Sam and creditors sniffing around for your Bentleys, Rolls Royces, and mansions in the Hamptons.

Click the link courtesy of Ball Don't Lie and get the full scoop on Curry's financial woes.

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Sunday , Apr , 18 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Eddy Curry to Knicks: Don’t Buy Me out; Waive Me

Embattled Eddy Curry told The Post he hopes the Knicks waive him if he is not in their plans for next season.

The Knicks' star-crossed center, who has played 10 games in two seasons, said he would not take less money to go away.

"I'm not taking a buyout, so that's not happening," Curry told The Post. "Definitely not. They can try to trade me if they wanted to. I hope it doesn't come to that.

"But I would just hope that if it came down to it, especially going into a contract year, that if [coach Mike D'Antoni] knows this wasn't the right place for me, they would make the right decision. Other than that, I'll do everything I can to be ready."

The Knicks will look for a starting center in the free-agent market. In addition to Marcus Camby, they may court Brad Miller, who played for Knicks team president Donnie Walsh in Indiana.

In perhaps his last act as a Knick, Curry forgot his passport on their season-ending trip to Toronto earlier this week, according to sources. Curry would like to forget his past two seasons.

The NBA’s 50 Worst Tattoos
Sunday , Apr , 11 , 2010 C.Y. Ellis

The NBA’s 50 Worst Tattoos

You wouldn't believe the number of inky abominations etched into the pelts of pro ballers.  I'd originally planned a simple list of the league's ten worst tats, but when my dishonourable mention section hit double digits I realised I'd need to expand the scope of the project a little.  Even when I elongated the list to twenty-five terrible tattoos, I still found that I had to exclude some real atrocities.  In the end it took a full fifty spots to showcase the shittiest skin art in the L.

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