Interview: Playboy’s Ashley Alexis Sits Down With HoopsVibe
Friday , Jun , 08 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Interview: Playboy’s Ashley Alexis Sits Down With HoopsVibe

Playboy's Ashley Alexis sits down with HoopsVibe's to discuss her beloved Celtics and the NBA playoffs.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Alexis could convince anyone to cheer for the Celitcs.

HoopsVibe found out what a die hard fan Playboy's Ashley Alexis was and had to sit down with her to see her take on the aging Celtics, the playoffs, Boston women, and of course being in Playboy. 

HP: How did you come to love the Celtics?
Ashley: I'm born and raised in BOSTON! I feel that it's almost a part of my DNA to be a huge Boston sports fan.
HV: What's the craziest thing as a Celtics fan you've ever done?
Ashley: In 2008 when they won the championship I ran through the parade with one of my best friends, Cassie, in a bathing suit just acting a fool haha We were excited!
HV: If you were the coach of the Celtics what is 1 thing you would do different?
Ashley: I believe the coaches are doing the best they can. The team is great and we're playing with a lot of heart, that's our highlight.
HV: Who's the hottest Celtic right now and why?
Ashley: Ray Allen! He's my guy. I've been an Allen fan for a long time and just love how confident he is in his 3-point jump shots. It sends a tingle through my body.
HV: How did you get involved with Playboy?
Ashley: Playboy started an online contest called Playboy's Miss Social, it's a non-nude modeling competition where your supporters vote for the girl they want to have the title for that particular month. I won for the month of February in 2011 and was the first and still the only blonde Miss Social. 
HV: Have you ever met Hef?
AshleyBriefly in 2008 at the Halloween party. He called me beautiful.
HV: What new projects are you involved in we should tell our readers to look out for?
Ashley: I have a lot coming up over the Summer. Can't disclose much yet but keep your eyes peeled on my social media outlets for details - www.facebook.com/ashleyalexisswww.twitter.com/ashalexiss
HV: We know you were also the face of Beantown Babes 2011. Are Boston women hotter than Miami women?
Ashely: I think women are beautiful everywhere, in their own way. Boston girls have more of an attitude, we don't take crap from anyone, we're unique in our own way.

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