Battle Of The Beards; NBA Edition
Tuesday , May , 17 , 2011 Paul Eide

Battle Of The Beards; NBA Edition


Watching James Harden’s beard key Oklahoma City’s game seven victory over the Grizzlies made me respect it even more. As a man (barely) who couldn’t grow a beard if his life depended on it, no matter how long the time frame, I’ve developed and acute awareness of quality beards when I see them.
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Thursday , Jul , 01 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Salmons lands five-year, $39 million pact with Milwaukee

The Bucks are nearing a deal to re-sign guard John Salmons.

A source told FanHouse the deal is done except for a few minor points. Milwaukee general manager John Hammond had told FanHouse very early Thursday morning he had "guarded'' optimism that Salmons would re-sign.

The source said the deal will be for five years for about $39 million.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: He’s a perfect fit.

After all, the Milwaukee Bucks were much improved after acquiring shooting-guard John Salmons from the Chicago Bulls at the trade deadline.

Salmons can score in many ways: he has deep range from the perimeter; can stick the in-between shot; and also gets to the basket.

His knack for scoring and low-key personality helped the surprising Bucks qualify for the playoffs.

And at $8 million per year, an extension was a no-brainer for both Salmons and Milwaukee.

-- O.Sandor.

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Don’t Slag the Stag
Wednesday , Mar , 31 , 2010 Jesse Andrews

Don’t Slag the Stag

The origin of "Fear the deer" is disputed.  But one thing is certain: "Don't slag the stag" is being coined right here, right now.  Slap it on a poster, Milwaukee.  It's all yours!  The problem is that in this article, I actually will be slagging the stag a bit.  Milwaukee's not surviving Round 1.  The Bucks Stop Here, in other words.  Go Buck Yourself.  Dismantle the Antlers.  Why is it so easy to come up with these?  Hoof Springs Eternal.  Okay, that one might not work.  These Bucks Were Made for Milwaukin'.  What the hell is happening and why am I suddenly terrible at this game.

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