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Thursday , May , 20 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Calvin Murphy on Delonte West and LeBron’s mom: “It ain’t no rumor”

"Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy appeared on ESPN radio in Houston today and as all basketball conversations must do, the topic turned to the rumors about Delonte West's dalliance with LeBron James' mom. Murphy's response: "It ain't no rumor."

Murphy—who is not exactly the classiest individual to ever wear an NBA uniform—didn't just say he thinks it could have possibly, maybe happened. He says the story is "absolutely true," that everyone knew about it, and he has "legit" sources who can prove it. Oh, and there's also more than one dude involved. Unbelievable."

Link to story

Link to radio interview

HoopsVibe's Quick Call: This 'thing' - we won't yet call it a story - refuses to die.

HoopsVibe's news has one question: if this 'thing' isn't true, if it's nothing but salacious gossip, why aren't LeBron James' people threatening to sue The Deadspin, ESPN, and Calvin Murphy for slander?

Got thoughts? Get at HoopsVibe News in the comment box below with those thoughts.

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Thursday , May , 20 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Should LeBron James have a say in trades?

LeBron James has had a lot of power in Cleveland, according to ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher.

Sources told Bucher that James vetoed trades he didn't like for the Cavaliers, while pushing other deals through that he thought would help the team.

Any team that signs LeBron will likely have to set a basis for how much power he'll have in the front office.

Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf never gave that type of power to Michael Jordan, so it's doubtful he'd give it to James.


After all, this creates an uncomfortable dynamic in the locker room. There's a fine line between the two-time MVP having a say in personnel matters and ushering out teammates he doesn't jive with -like former Cleveland Cavaliers forward Drew Gooden.
It's also a distraction. James, who again collapsed in the playoffs, should focus on basketball. Nothing else. The sooner this happens, the better off the two-time MVP and his team will be.
Finally, there's a reason Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and even Michael Jordan have/had little say in front office matters. Why should James, who hasn't yet won an NBA Title, be different?
Should James have a say in trades? Why? Why not?
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Wednesday , May , 19 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Washington Wizards interested in LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, or Chris Bosh?

There are a handful of teams with the cap space to sign a major free agent. You know the names. New York, Chicago, New Jersey, etc. ... The Wizards have a ton of space under the cap, too, but are seldom mentioned as possible destinations for the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh.

Why is that?

"Because," says Grunfeld, "I don't talk to the media that much."

Does a top overall pick put the Wizards in the free agent conversation?

Grunfeld is coy. "We will see," he says. "The No. 1 pick is a good start. We'll see how free agency goes.

Link to Truehoop

HoopsVibe's Call: John Wall isn't enough.

While talented and athletic, the first overall pick in the NBA draft isn't nearly enough for the Washington Wizards to land an unrestricted free agent like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, or Chris Bosh.

After all, the Wizards are years from contending. And James, Wade, and Bosh want to win now. They'll have little time, patience, or interest in a rebuilding project -unless it's in Madison Square Garden or across the river in New Jersey.

With considerable cap space, Washington could consider a second tier free agent, specifically at the four or five spots (sorry, HoopsVibe News isn't fond of the talented, but troubled Andray Blatche).

If Carlos Boozer or Amar'e Stoudemire isn't a fit, they can always preserve their financial flexibility and patiently acquire both young and veteran pieces to support Wall.

This, however, would make too much sense for the Wizards, an organization with a track record for hasty and poor decisions.  

Does Washington have a shot at James, Bosh, or Wade? Why? Why not? Get at us in the comment box below with thoughts?

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Tuesday , May , 18 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Will Cleveland fire Mike Brown to re-sign LeBron James?

"Decision day hasn't arrived yet but it appears everyone is preparing for it.

The Cavaliers had not performed or scheduled exit interviews with players or coaches as of Monday. Once some or all of those take place, there will be a verdict on coach Mike Brown. But if that decision is a parting of ways, the sides are getting ready for it."


HoopsVibe’s Call: Their bags are packed. They’ve said their goodbyes.

Right now, Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown and his assistants are waiting for one thing: their pink slip. That rosy little slip of paper is necessary if the Cavaliers are to have any shot, hope, or prayer at re-signing superstar LeBron James.

After all, Cleveland has fallen short two seasons in a row in the playoffs. This year, their second season failure was epic; the NBA’s best regular season team simply quit against a rejuvenated Boston squad.

So change is inevitable. James wants it. What James, the most highly coveted free agent in the history of professional sports, wants, he gets.

Perhaps, Brown, a defensive wizard and stand up guy, deserves better. Problem is, he, like much of the NBA, is a pawn in the coming free agent frenzy. And number 23, The King, is controlling the board.

Does Brown have to get fired for the Cavaliers to re-sign James? 

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Monday , May , 17 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Who is William Wesley, agent behind LeBron James-John Calipari package?

Others weren’t quite so surprised to see William Wesley—or Wes, as he’s known—in the middle of the fray. “At any given time, if you look at any sporting event, there’s a very good chance you’re going to see Wes,” says NBA analyst David Aldridge. Over the years, Wes has been spotted hugging Jerry Jones on the field after a Cowboys Super Bowl win, high-fiving University of Miami football players after a national championship win, and embracing Joe Dumars after the Pistons won the NBA Finals.

He’s been spotted sitting next to Jay-Z at the NBA All-Star Game, with Nike czar Phil Knight at the Final Four, and trolling the sidelines of Team USA practices in Las Vegas and Japan. “People who really know Wes,” says superagent David Falk, Wes’s longtime friend, “know that he’s one of the two or three most powerful people in the sport.”


We're talking about William Wesley -known to those in the know as Wes'. Today reports indicate he's The Man behind the James and Coach Calipari package that several teams are allegedly considering.
So, if you want the scoop on this shadowy/mythical figure called Wes click the above link and read the article courtesy of GQ.
What are your thoughts on Wesley? Get at us in the comment box below?
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Saturday , May , 15 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

LeBron James Skips Exit Interview with Cavaliers

James was a no-show at the Cavaliers' practice facility yesterday. His formal exit interview with president Danny Ferry has been postponed. And there already was an erroneous report Mike Brown was fired.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert denied the report, but Brown did not speak to the media, a telling sign. Gilbert said something could come down in "seven to 10 days" as they "evaluate" the situation. Rumblings are James and Brown had a run-in earlier in the series.

More signs. Sonny Vaccaro, the sneaker-king whose friends with James' entourage, expects James to leave -- for Chicago. The entourage seems to be split between New York, Chicago and Cleveland, and an aide of President Obama said the noted Bulls fan is hoping James comes to the Windy City.
2010 LEBRON Vol. Where does he go?
Friday , May , 14 , 2010 J.N.

2010 LEBRON Vol. Where does he go?

It’s official. LeBron James is a free agent. He’s up for grabs. People were waiting to exhale. Don’t exhale just yet until the first week of July. The Boston Celtics has eliminated the Cleveland Cavaliers from the second round in a disastrous series.

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OoB VI: So Many Sweeps, Elbowgate, Editing the Sports Guy Awards, and Barkley’s Latest Blunder
Thursday , May , 13 , 2010 Marija Kero, The Knicks Chick

OoB VI: So Many Sweeps, Elbowgate, Editing the Sports Guy Awards, and Barkley’s Latest Blunder

In episode VI of Out of Bounds, Marija Kero dissects LeBron's situation, edits the Sports Guy's list, recaps some draft duds and takes a friendly jab or two at Charles Barkley. There's also a cameo by Stephon Marbury's "Vaseline-eating ass". Let us know your thoughts on the topics, and ask Marija a question by leaving a comment below.

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Elbowgate Continues: Does LeBron Have a Torn Ligament in his Elbow?
Wednesday , May , 12 , 2010 C.Y. Ellis

Elbowgate Continues: Does LeBron Have a Torn Ligament in his Elbow?

Just when I think I'm out, this story pulls me back in. After reading that LeBron's injury situation was more serious than reported, King James blew up in game three and temporarily put those rumours to rest. Game four saw a slight drop-off for the Akron Hammer (I'm still rooting for that nickname), but there was nothing in his near-triple-double performance to suggest severe damage to his shooting arm.

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Wednesday , May , 12 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

What’s Wrong with LeBron James?

First off, he's undermined his coach by acting lax after losses when Brown has been sounding alarm bells. It is James' personality not to be too worried about anything and it was not expected that he'd be throwing people into lockers and such. But his "we'll get 'em next game" philosophy has clearly backfired. With the exception of Game 3, despite all the handshakes and nonsense, the Cavs have been knocked on their heels in every game.

It has further become problematic that James has been disengaged during the games. Not only has he fallen into the trap of "letting the game come to him," but he's been increasingly distant. In huddles he's looking at the ceiling or into the distance. It is not the James anyone on the team knows and his teammates and coaches have seen it. More problematic, they can't explain it and that is making the entire locker room uneasy. 

On Tuesday it was Zydrunas Ilgauskas and O'Neal that actually were more proactive. They were showing more leadership than James both on the floor and off the floor.

There were two skirmishes on the court. One was with Kendrick Perkins and O'Neal and the other was with Mo Williams and Rajon Rondo. James showed no such fire and then didn't get get involved in the exchanges, staying off to the side. 


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Wednesday , May , 12 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Owner Dan Gilbert Calls out Cavaliers

After the game, in an exclusive interview with The Plain Dealer, Gilbert expressed some frustration at the effort level of his team that he's spending more than $100 million in payroll this season; a team he put together by sparing no expense in an attempt to win the title this season.

"Our entire franchise has done everything in its power to put all of our players and its coaching staff in the best possible position to execute when it counts," Gilbert said. "And to deliver to the highly supportive fans of Cleveland a proud, intense, impassioned all-out drive to achieve a championship."

"The last two home playoff losses and the manner in which we lost these games does not come close to being anywhere near the high expectations all of us have of our organization. Our fans and supporters deserve more." 


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Tuesday , May , 11 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Kobe Bryant Cracks Jokes about Cleveland, LeBron’s Lefty FT

He was amused by one line of questioning revolving around why LeBron James' sore right elbow was receiving so much attention when Bryant's whole body was banged up.

"[Because] it's Cleveland," Bryant cracked. "We have a couple more things to talk about in L.A."

Bryant elaborated his thoughts on the NBA's current back-to-back MVP.

"I've been injured pretty much the entire season, so I think everybody just kind of got used to me playing that way," Bryant said. "He hasn't really had any injury all year long, so this was really like his first injury of the year and it comes at the moment of the playoffs when it's crucial for them so I think there's a lot of attention around it."

It's known around the team that Bryant has been engaged in a left-handed shooting competition with Pau Gasol all season long, so he was asked about the southpaw free-throw attempt that James took in the first round against Chicago.

"It looked nasty," Bryant said. "My form's more like Chris Mullin ... I would have called a timeout [if my shooting elbow was hurting me]." 


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Friday , May , 07 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

LeBron: We Need to Get Shaq Going

The 38-year-old O’Neal is shooting just 36.4 percent from the field (8 of 22).

“We need him to get some kind of rhythm,” LeBron James said. “We need him to get going.”

O’Neal said he’s used to being a bigger part of the offense.

“I’m used to taking 30 or 40 shots a game,” he said. “I just have to make my chippies. It’s only my sixth or seventh game back. I won’t miss them all.”

The 7-foot-1, 325-pound O’Neal missed about seven weeks with thumb surgery. His first game was Game 1 against the Bulls. 


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Friday , May , 07 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Conspiracies about LeBron’s Elbow Abound

The Cavs themselves didn't really help matters. With a slip of the tongue, coach Mike Brown on Tuesday led reporters to believe James was about to head to the hospital for his third MRI on the mysterious injury. That alone was enough to create mild panic in greater Cleveland.

Even if the truth was that James had just one MRI, the day after he had a triple-double in the Cavs' Game 4 win over the Bulls 11 days ago, a wave of uncertainty spread.

By the time James actually gave an update on his elbow, which he was seen massaging in an attempt to alleviate pain before Monday's loss, there was some assumption that it was part of a strategy to downplay how injured he might be.

"It felt good today," James said Thursday. "It didn't flare up at all. We had contact drills and I was able to go through the whole practice and it didn't flare up one time, so that's a good sign. It's still a little bit sore, but it's much better. I did treatment the last two days and I believe it will be fine for the game."

Those treatments have included electric stimulation, ice and elevation. Not acupuncture, magnets or prayer, as some have e-mailed the Cavs to suggest.


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Wednesday , May , 05 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

NBA All-Defensive Team Announced

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, winner of the 2009-10 Defensive Player of the Year Award presented by Kia Motors, and guard Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics headline the NBA All-Defensive First Team, the NBA announced Wednesday.

By totaling 57 points overall, including 28 First Team votes, Howard edged Rondo (50 points overall and 23 First Team votes) as the leading vote-getter.

Also selected to the All-Defensive First Team are forward LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers (45 points), Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (34 points) and Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace (30 points).
Report: LeBron’s Elbow Is Worse than He Admits
Wednesday , May , 05 , 2010 C.Y. Ellis

Report: LeBron’s Elbow Is Worse than He Admits

If someone were to rank celebrity body parts by media attention, LeBron's right elbow would currently fall somewhere between Kim Kardashian's ass and Megan Fox's stumpy thumbs. Unlike those other famous anatomical anomalies, however, the state of 'Bron-'Bron's 'bow is shrouded in secrecy. While the reports and MRI results suggest that it's more a boo-boo (well, a sprained elbow and bone bruise) than a fully-fledged injury, there are whispers that the situation is a little more serious for the Akron Hammer (it'll catch on) and his shooting arm.

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The King’s New Ride
Wednesday , May , 05 , 2010 Christopher Sells

The King’s New Ride

Monday night, LeBron James received the Maurice Podoloff Trophy for the second time in as many years. The hardware is presented each year to the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. Being the MVP means different things to different people, but it is generally accepted that the award will go to the player who has proven himself to be the best of the best. It is the result of dedication, supreme talent and favorable on-court results. So few people achieve the honor that being named MVP almost certainly guarantees basketball immortality via enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.

So it’s a little puzzling that its winner would receive a Kia.

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Tuesday , May , 04 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

LeBron James: I Don’t Feel Pressure

Following the Cavaliers' Game 2 loss to Boston, LeBron James was asked if he feels the pressure from Cleveland fans given their championship drought.

"No, not exactly," replied LeBron. "It's one game. I understand that, the burden and pain Cleveland fans have. I don't feel pressure at all.

"I'm looking forward to Game 3, that's the most important game to this point."
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Tuesday , May , 04 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

David Stern Wants LeBron to stay with Cavs

NBA commissioner David Stern knows Cleveland fans are anxious about this summer and LeBron James' pending free agency. He is rooting for the same outcome as Cavaliers fans.

"Hopefully he'll stay," Stern said Monday before Game 2 between Cleveland and Boston in the Eastern Conference semifinals. "That's the way the system is designed."

Stern helped negotiate the current collective bargaining agreement, which provides teams the ability to pay more and add an extra year for their own free agents. Stern is hopeful that will allow teams such as Cleveland to retain its stars.

"That's the way it should be," Stern said. "It allows teams to keep their own players."