Trial for Murder of Jennifer Hudson’s Family Start today
Monday , Apr , 23 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Trial for Murder of Jennifer Hudson’s Family Start today

The trial of William Balfour accused of murdering Jennifer Hudson's family begins today.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Hopefully justice will be served in this tragic incident.

In 2008 Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew were murdered. Today, the man authorities believe went on this bloody rampage finally stands trial. It is believed Balfour saw a bouquet of balloons in Julia Hudson's car who was his ex and thought they were from her new boyfriend. Belfour erupted and lost control. He proceeded to get his .45-caliber handgun and seek his revenge. 

After shooting his victims in the head while they were in bed, Balfour drove off with Julia Hudson's son, Julian King. Authorities say he shot the young boy they called "Juice Box" in the head as he hid behind the front seat. 

Balfour had apparently threatened to kill the Hudson family before making statements about what he would do to both Julia and the entire Hudson family if she ever left him. Tragically, no one took these threats seriously and this horrible incident came to pass. Now that it is three years after the murders, Jennifer looks forward to this day in court as another step in the healing process for her loss. 



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