See Kevin Durant Rap
Wednesday , Nov , 14 , 2012 Andrew Flint

See Kevin Durant Rap

Ever wonder what type of rapper Kevin Durant would be? Well, now you have your answer.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: He's actually pretty good.

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First Female Black Nascar Driver Sits Down with HoopsVibe
Monday , Aug , 20 , 2012 Featured Guest Journalist

First Female Black Nascar Driver Sits Down with HoopsVibe

The first black female Nascar driver sits down with HoopsVibe to discuss racing, hoops, and Danica.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: 

Tia Norfleet is used to racing with the boys and overcoming obstacles. Tia's the first African American female Nascar driver and proud to carry on her family racing tradition. Her father Bobby Norfleet raced for Nascar before Tia came along to carry on the family tradition. 

HV: What got you into racing? We know your father is Bobby Norfleet, so was it just being around the track all the time?

Tia: Yeah, I was just around the track a lot as a kid. My dad raced and pretty soon I wanted to do it too. 

HV: How'd that go?

Tia: Well, he was pretty protective of me at first. Eventually, he became really supportive of the idea when he saw I was serious about it and put his career on the back burner. Today, he's my biggest supporter.

HV: You're the first African American female Nascar drive. Tell us about that.

Tia: Well, I'm abviously black and I'm obviously a female, but really I'm just a driver. I've gotten a lot of support along the way. That's what makes it possible.

HV: There is another women racer that's been making a lot of noise. What are your thoughts on Danica breaking a lot of similar barriers in Nascar?

Tia: Hats off to Danica. She's making women look good in the sport. 

HV: Who would win in a race between you and Danica?

Tia: I have to say me of course.

HV: Of course. Now, HoopsVibe is a basketball site, so who' your team?

Tia: After last yera, I'm liking Oklahoma and Miami.

HV: Wait a second, that was the finals. Have you always liked them or did you just hop on?

Tia: I grew up following the Bulls and Mordan and all those guys, but this playoffs Miami just won me over.

HV: Who's your favorite player?

Tia: Kobe, Rondo, Wade, Garnett. I like a lot of players.

HV: Would you ever date an NBA player.

Tia: Actually, I have a significant other right now.

HV: Do you have any upcoming races or events people can check you out at?

Tia: They can always keep up with me at www.TiaNorfleet34.com.

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Photo Credits: Tia Norfleet



The King is Crowned
Friday , Jun , 22 , 2012 Andrew Flint

The King is Crowned

LeBron wins first NBA Championship as Miami tops Thunder 106-121.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Miami made us all believers.

Going into the Oklahoma vs. Miami NBA Finals almost no one picked Miami to win. The world was excited about a new young team and it's wasn't the Miami Heat. No, the Heat had quickly become the most hated team in the world over the last 2 season. LeBron was made out to be the devil and everyone seemed to cheer against him.

Last night he was vindicated. LeBron is one of only a handful of NBA players to ever with the regular season MVP, the NBA Championship, and the Finals MVP. He finished game 5 with a triple-double, 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists. Not he ever needed to prove anything, but he did. He play was passionate and inspired. 

The Heat were up by 10 at half-time, but came out in the 3rd quarter on a mission. Miami outscored the Thunder 36-22 in the 3rd to blow the game wide open. Miller was draining 3-pointers like he was 24-years old again, Wade went for 20 points, Bosh 24, and Miller an amazing 23 on 7-8 shooting from downtown. 

The Heat simply overpowered the young and energetic Thunder Team. And as things started to slip away from the Thunder they reverted back to bad habits. Westbrook started jacking up tough shots he probably should have passed to Durant or Harden. Westbrook ended up going 4-20 for the game. Tough to win when your point guard is shooting that poorly. Durant had 32 points, but the team as a whole shot just 41 percent. 

This is a day for Miami and LeBron to feel the weight of the world lifted. They're finally world champions and earned every bit of it.


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Photo Credit: AP NEWS