Playboy’s Tara Bone sits down with HoopsVibe
Wednesday , Jun , 27 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Playboy’s Tara Bone sits down with HoopsVibe

Playboy's Tara Bone sits down with HoopsVibe.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Tomboys make the best Playmates.

HoopsVibe recently sat down with Tara Williams of Playboy to find out what makes her tick, what her thoughts are on the state of the NBA, and how she got so damn hot.

HP: We have to say we love your new pics. So tell us, how did you get involved in modeling? 

Tara: I was a teenager when I first realized I wanted to be an actress. I started by playing extra roles at our local studio. Acting lead to modeling. I was published in a few Magazines and from there I was officially hooked. I don't think you can say I have been discovered yet.

HP: Well, we certainly discovered you and you've been in Playboy, so that's pretty awesome. How did you become involved in Playboy?

Tara: My husband encouraged me to attend a casting call for Playboy. Playboy has never really been a dream until now. Two years ago I joined the family and it has been the most arousing experience of my life. 

HP: Arousing? That's one way of putting it. I'm sure some of our readers will agree with that. What were you like growing up? Were you a tomboy or a girly-girl?

Tara: Very much a tomboy. 

HP: Ok, so what's your favorite part of your body?

Tara: My eyes would be my favorite. There is so much you can express with your eyes without even opening your mouth. I love to make someone feel "special" with just a look.

HP: Very cool. Not our first pick, but eyes are cool too. Our readers have to know,what do you look for in a man?

Tara: Responsibility is a big trait for me. I love a man that knows where he is headed in life and not just wondering around.

HP: Ok, count our entire staff out of the question. Drat. So turning to basketball, what is your favorite NBA team?

Tara: Charlotte Bobcats, I like that they are a Carolinas team. My favorite player would be Rondo from the Celtics.

HP: You must be a glutton for punishment. Have you ever dated a basketball player?

Tara: Hahaha, several in High School. Loved everyone of them ;)

HP: Everyone of them? Sounds like there were a few? So if you could date one NBA player who would it be?

Tara: Derek Fisher, He is a good looking man!

HP: He's cool, but not who we thought you'd go with. How about this ... what would shock people to know about you they haven't already read?

Tara: I have children. I am your "PTA" mom.

HP: Wow, we were definitely not expecting that. You must be like the hottest mom on the planet. If you could change one thing on your body what would it be.

Tara: Well, I would say my breasts. But I have already changed that. So, I am comfortable with the rest of me.

HP: Well, no need to change them on our behalf. 

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Photo Credit: AP NEWS