3 Reasons the Pacers Aren’t Smart.
Friday , May , 24 , 2013 HoopsVibe News

3 Reasons the Pacers Aren’t Smart.

3 Reasons the Indiana Pacers Aren't Smart.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Here's why we think the Indiana Pacers failed the SATs.

3. Horrible play selection. The last offensive set that Indiana coach Frank Vogel had his team execute was horrible. It turned into a broken play resulting in a Hail Mary. Yes, George made the 32-foot shot off the David West assist to send the game into overtime, but this was pure luck and not execution. This was bad coaching.

2. Easily Satisfied. Indiana coach Frank Vogel was chipper following his loss to the Heat saying, "Our spirit is very high, very confident." Since when do championship teams have high spirits following a game 1 loss? Oh, that's right ... Indiana isn't going to be a championship team. Why are you happy? Do you feel like you proved that you could win? The problem is you lost and will continue to lose in this series. Don't feel good about this game. You should be pissed you let a game you should have won slip away.

1. Roy Hibbert wasn't in the game: I repeat, Roy Hibbert wasn't in the game. Why on earth would you pull the heart and soul of your defense out of the game for the last shot? The Heat didn't need a 3-pointer to win. They were only down by 1 point, so perimeter pressure on the Heat 3-point shooters wasn't a significant concern. The Heat have a number of players (namely LeBron) who love to drive to the hole. Pulling Hibbert out of the game for the last play was a bonehead move that cost Indiana game 1.

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