NBA Players Acting In Movies.
Monday , Aug , 12 , 2013 Hoopsvibe

NBA Players Acting In Movies.

The good, the bad, and the horribly ugly of when NBA players try to act.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Sometimes it turns out great, but other times it is more painful to watch than a torn ACL.

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1996 NBA Draft; Best First Round Ever?
Thursday , Jun , 27 , 2013 Paul Eide

1996 NBA Draft; Best First Round Ever?

The wait is over; the 2013 NBA Draft starts tonight at 7:30 EST.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Does the 2013 NBA Draft class feature a potential Kobe Bryant or Allen Iverson?

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Rumor Alert: Boston Dumping Pierce.
Wednesday , May , 15 , 2013 HoopsVibe News

Rumor Alert: Boston Dumping Pierce.

Boston Celtics and Paul Pierce to part ways?

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Looks like the end of an era in Boston. After Pierce goes, expect Garnett to follow.

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Lebron James continues to dominate
Saturday , Feb , 16 , 2013 Matt Formica

Lebron James continues to dominate

Love him or hate him, Lebron James is putting together one of the best seasons of basketball by any player in history.

Hoopsvibe's quick call:  His superstar season continued with a big win over the Thunder Thursday night.

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Top 10 Most Jacked NBA Players
Thursday , Feb , 07 , 2013 Paul Eide

Top 10 Most Jacked NBA Players

In a league full of physical specimens, these are the best.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: You won't find Kris Humphries on this list, or Big Baby.


10. Amare Stoudemire

Shirtless pics of Stoudemire are the rule, not the exception. And why not, he's earned it. Now working his way back to regular minutes after injury, Stoudemire will be back to full strength soon, with more pool photo shoots to follow.

9. Carlos Boozer

Boozer is great at staying under the radar for the most part. But in a year where the Bulls have needed him to step up and solidify the front court, the veteran has done that. 

8. Kobe Bryant

Kobe's inclusion on this list may elicit a few boos, but the way he has transformed his body during his career warrants some respect. From entering the league as a skinny 18 year old, Kobe has put on a little more muscle every year and you can tell it has paid off by the way his game has become more physical, and less about put jumping defenders, over that time.

7. Ray Allen

Ray Allen has been ripped for years but doesn't really get the credit as such because he is a perimeter player who makes a living draining threes- a specialty which isn't often seen as being based on strength or physicality. I don't know about you, but I would be shirtless all the time if I was Ray Allen. Especially at his advancing age.

6. Blake Griffin

Griffin's leaping ability and athleticism grab most of the attention and highlights, but he is as strong as any front court player in the league. He gets criticized for "only being able to dunk" but the fact that he puts himself in that position time and time again even though every one knows it's coming show how strong he is.

5. Serge Ibaka

Pound for pound, maybe the strongest player in the league. Ibaka is built like a comic book hero, straight up. Anybody with an 8-pack and leads the league in blocks qualifies for this list.

4. Andre Iguodala

Speaking of comic book hero type bodies, Iguodala definitely fits into that category. The balance and symmetry of his physique lends itself to his game; balanced in all aspects, equally productive across the board. In addition, he always seems incredibly smooth and relaxed, just like his build.

3. Metta World Peace

"Ron Ron" is a beast. Just when you think he's mellowed out and forgotten how much of an intimidating force he can be, he deftly punches Detroit's Brandon Knight in the clinch. At 6-7, a jacked 240 pounds and with the potential to go off at any moment, it makes him seem even more ripped in my mind. But him being mental shouldn't detract from how much a physical specimen Ron Ron is is.


2. Dwight Howard

Love him or hate him, D Howard has arguably the most impressive physique in a league full of players with impressive physiques. While toughness is something Howard definitely lacks (especially of the mental variety), the width of his shoulders cannot be questioned; has there ever been a wider NBA player? And I don't mean "wide" like Oliver Miller.


1. LeBron James

Even if you don't think he is the most jacked player in the league, you have to acknowledge that he uses the strength of his body on the court better than any player in the league, maybe even ever. How many times do you see Bron Bron take a player attempting to guard him straight up from the top of the key right to the rim, with ease? It isn't that easy, he just makes it look like it is because he is so strong.


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Was Garnett snubbing Allen justified?
Thursday , Nov , 01 , 2012 Matt Formica

Was Garnett snubbing Allen justified?

Kevin Garnett had no love for Ray Allen last night in the Miami Heat's 120-107 victory over the Boston Celtics.
Hoopsvibe's quick call:  Both Garnett and Allen stayed true to who they are.

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NBA opening night preview and predictions
Tuesday , Oct , 30 , 2012 Matt Formica

NBA opening night preview and predictions

Three different games mark the beginning of the 2012-13 NBA regular season Tuesday night.
Hoopsvibe's quick call:  After an interesting offseason, let the games begin.

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Ray Allen explains what happened in Boston
Tuesday , Oct , 23 , 2012 Matt Formica

Ray Allen explains what happened in Boston

Ray Allen is finally talking about what went down with him and the Boston Celtics this offseason.

Hoopsvibe's very quick call:  Allen's week is already off to a busy start.

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Garnett, Rondo, and Allen Feud Set To Explode
Monday , Oct , 01 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Garnett, Rondo, and Allen Feud Set To Explode

Garnett, Rondo, and Allen feud looks explosive.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: I predict a few flying elbows the first time Allen drives the lane in Bean Town.

Garnett struck first saying he no longer has former friend and teammate, Ray Allen's, phone number in his phone. Ouch, that doesn't sound like the type of lifelong friendships everyone in Boston was talking about just a few years ago when the Big Three hung another banner? Rondo followed suit in a similar interview stating he and Allen hadn't always gotten along. Rondo told Yahoo Sports "It's just life. If you look at your job, everyone doesn't always get along with every co-worker they work with. It's just part of life." Rondo also admitted to not having spoken to Allen since his decision to go to Boston's biggest rival in the East, the Miami Heat. 

Allen responded to Garnett's comments saying, "That's a shame ... I'm not really worried about it." Looks like these "friends" are now bitter enemies. Allen crossed a scared line in Garnett and Rondo's minds. It isn't simply that he left the Celtics. It's that he left the Celtics and went to their bitter rival. Boston and Miami met in the Eastern Conference Finals last year and although most people thought Boston was over-matched, it was still a hell of a battle.

This has all the makings of adding series kerosene the this already explosive fire. I predict the Celtics vs. Heat games this year will be especially chippy and look for Garnett, a noted hot-head and capable of a questionable cheap shot from time to time, to dish out at least a couple hard hits when Allen returns to Boston in a Heat uniform.

The only saving grace for Allen is he only drives to the basket these days if on one is on his half of the court. He's much more content to camp out behind the arch and wait for hit opportunity to show what a lifetime 40% 3-point shooter looks like in action.

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Paul Pierce “Little Bitter” Over Ray Allen Going to Miami
Saturday , Aug , 04 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Paul Pierce “Little Bitter” Over Ray Allen Going to Miami

The Celtics' Paul Pierce admits he is "a little bitter" over Ray Allen going to the Miami Heat.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: I can't wait for the first Celtics vs. Heat game in Boston.

Paul Pierce finally admits he was "a little bitter" over watching Ray Allen, his teammate and founding member of the Celtics' "Big Three," take his talents to South Beach. How could Pierce not be bitter? The Celtics had managed to hold on to Kevin Garnett and actually offered Allen more money than the Heat. 

Pierce softened his words later in the interview by saying he understood Allen had to do what was best for his family. Yet, the two still haven't spoken since Allen announced he was leaving the Celtics for the Heat. Allen also accepted less money to play for the Heat, so how is that best for his family. The bottom line appears to be that Allen simply didn't believe the Celtics could beat the Heat in the Eastern Conference and win another championship. 

Pierce went on to say, "That's what it's all about: You get in these situations, you become a free agent, and you make a decision based on what's best for you and your family. Ray will always be a brother for me. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be wearing a championship ring. So the things he was able to do for this organization, will never be forgotten."

No phone calls since Allen decided to leave to Miami doesn't sound like brotherly love to me. 

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Ray Allen Betrays Boston and Signs With Miami
Saturday , Jul , 07 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Ray Allen Betrays Boston and Signs With Miami

Ray Allen betrays the Boston Celtics and signs with the Miami Heat.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: I can't wait for his return to the Boston Garden. That will be louder than LeBron going back to Cleveland.

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NBA Free Agency Begins At 12:00 Tonight
Sunday , Jul , 01 , 2012 Paul Eide

NBA Free Agency Begins At 12:00 Tonight

Tonight at the stroke of midnight EST, the free agent feeding frenzy will begin.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Some long running questions about some big names and their destination for next season will finally be answered.

- Where will Steve Nash finally end up?

For two years we've been hearing Nash's name in about every conceivable trade scenario; and nothing ever happened. The Suns drafting of Kendall Marshall this week says a lot about how interested the organization is in bringing Nash back. Also, their supposed interest in Eric Gordon is another nail in the coffin that was Nash's time in Phoenix

- Where will Deron WIlliams go?

No matter where he ends up, will he finally play for a title contender? Mired in both Utah and New Jersey in his career, D WIll has been one of the NBA's most productive PG's. But can he lead a winner? Or will he forever be a great individual talent on bad teams?

- Ray Allen to the Heat?

The most the Heat can offer is a midlevel exception; three years 9.7 million. After the Heat's amazing performance from beyond the arc in the Finals imagine adding the NBA's all time three point shooting leader into the Knicks. It will be really interesting to see what other teams enter into the mix for his services.

- Apparently, Brandon Roy's knee is fine

Strangely, he may be the most sought after of all available unrestricted free agents. After being regarded as an "also ran" for two years, there are at least five teams vying for his services. If we are to believe the chatter, the Pacers are willing to do just about anything to get him.

- Will we finally see the flurry of trades we were promised pre-draft?

As team's negotiate a way to sign players that can't afford, inevitably some trades will happen. Will the Lakers FINALLY deal Gasol? Will Houston finally deal Luis Scola?

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Miami Choke Again
Wednesday , Jun , 06 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Miami Choke Again

Boston take a 3-2 lead in the series as Miami can't hold on.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Miami looked tight in the loss. Boston most unlikely of Eastern Conference Champs.

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Hoopsvibe default image
Sunday , Apr , 22 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Video: Avery Bradley ties shoe, steals ball, and leads break

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: You know Avery Bradley as the second year combo guard who replaced the legendary Ray Allen in the Boston Celtics’ line-up.

Well, Bradley, who has made his name as defensive stud, recently recorded a steal against the Atlanta Hawks while tying his shoe. His thievery fuelled the break and led to an alley-oop for the mighty green-and-white.

Click the video below and see what we’re talking about …

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Hoopsvibe default image
Friday , Apr , 20 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Ray Allen unlikely to re-sign with Celtics?

In addition to being nearly traded, Allen was relegated to the bench by the emergence of Avery Bradley, a move that has made the Celtics more athletic and more effective defensively. Bradley’s offensive development has been one of the more surprising storylines of the NBA season.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Ray Allen has pride.

So the future member of the Hall of Fame can’t be happy losing his starting position with the Boston Celtics and nearly getting sent to the Memphis Grizzlies at the trade deadline.

Allen, a perennial All-Star and the NBA‘s greatest three-point shooter, helped the green-and-white win a championship in 2008.

He’s also sensitive. Remember, Allen and George Karl clashed several times when the two were together on some competitive Milwaukee teams.

Karl thought Allen was soft. The veteran sideline boss even told the press as much before sending him out west to his former team, the Seattle Super Sonics.

Of course, Allen’s a pro’. He won’t complain publicly. However, revenge could come this summer when the veteran becomes a free agent.

Would he take a massive discount to join the rival Miami Heat and knock down open jump shots when LeBron James and Dwyane Wade get double-teamed? Or, perhaps he’d be open to spending a year or two playing off Derrick Rose and his upstart Chicago Bulls?

Anything is possible. Just don’t expect Allen to retire. He's not done. And he has too much pride.

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Friday , Apr , 13 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Dwyane Wade: ‘I do not want to be paid to go to the Olympics’

In a statement Thursday, Wade said, "I do not want to be paid to go to the Olympics." Wade was quoted Wednesday saying he thinks "guys should be compensated" for playing over the summer and noted the schedule demands of being an Olympian."It's a lot of things you do for the Olympics -- a lot of jerseys you sell," Wade said after the Heat's practice on Wednesday in advance of Thursday's game against Chicago. "We play the whole summer. I do think guys should be compensated. Just like I think college players should be compensated as well.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call:  I can see it. Well, sort of.

I know USA Basketball pulls in the GDP of a developing country because of jersey sales. And those jersey sales are driven by superstars like Dwyane Wade.   

So they may have a point. It’s a minor one, though.

(And to be fair, Wade backed off his original comment on Thursday, likely as a result of intense media pressure and fan backlash.)

Olympic movements are without a doubt corrupt and profit driven. And those little rings certainly cloak the true intent of making as much money as possible.

No system is perfect. Allen and Wade should suck it up and represent their country with pride, though. After all, the NBA is an American league, and America is the only country that would pay them so handsomely to play the game they love.

It`s the least they can do. Right now, Allen and Wade sound petty. They sound like they’re demanding money to play for their country.

This probably wasn’t their goal. But this is how both are coming across.

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