Rondo Gets Pissed At Cameraman
Wednesday , May , 09 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Rondo Gets Pissed At Cameraman

Watch as Rondo goes after a cameraman following the Celtics loss.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It is impossible to take you serious in the jacket Rondo. 

Lets start at the beginning. The Celtics loss the Hawks 87-86 Tuesday night. The Celtics had one last chance to pull out the win when Rondo stole the ball with 10 seconds left, but then he proceeded to dribble down the court, go around in a couple circles, and turn the ball over. Clearly, he was upset with how his ball handling had cost the Celtics their last chance at a shot to win. 

This frustration carried over after the game when Rondo was seen yelling at a mild mannered cameraman. Rondo not only refuses to do the interview, he then proceeds to get in the cameraman's face and threaten him.

First things first, can we discuss Rondo's jacket. What in the name of everything that is holy was Rondo wearing? Someone contact Tito Jackson because Rajon stole his jacket. I'm not even convinced Rondo was that upset about the cameraman or the loss to Atlanta. I think he's just really pissed someone caught him wearing that ridiculous jacket. And quite frankly, he has every reason to be pissed.