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Thursday , May , 27 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Shaq Vs. UFC?

Several athletes have crossed over to mixed martial arts over the past several years, with varying degrees of success. Former baseball slugger Jose Canseco embarrassed himself in Japan last year. Football legend Herschel Walker acquitted himself quite well in winning a Strikeforce match earlier this year, and veteran boxer James Toney will fight Randy Couture in the UFC this summer.

But will we quite literal see the biggest MMA crossover of them all any time soon?

UFC president Dana White told "The Dan Patrick Show" that of all the celebrities who have become MMA fans, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal is the one who wants in the cage the most.


HoopsVibe's Quick Call: It could be part of a new season of Shaq Vs., the reality show where the seven-footer took on stars from other sports.

Shaquille O'Neal does have time since his Cleveland Cavaliers were ousted from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics.

Other athletes like Jose Canseco, Herschel Walker, and, most recently, former hockey enforcer George Laraque have tried their hand at UFC and had varying degrees of success.

Walker probably held his own because of his superb fitness. Mixed Martial Arts fighting is a gruelling sport, after all.

Conditioning, however, is O'Neal's Achilles heel, so, perhaps, he'd struggle in a multi-round bout against a professional fighter.

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