Ring Girl and Video Vixen Claudia Lopez Sits Down With HoopsVibe
Wednesday , Aug , 15 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Ring Girl and Video Vixen Claudia Lopez Sits Down With HoopsVibe

Ring Girl and Video Vixen Claudia Lopez Sits Down With HoopsVibe to discuss Kobe and more.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: This girl's a die hard Kobe fan. Vanessa better watch out.

She knows her way around a boxing and MMA ring and she's a huge Laker's fan. Sounds like Claudia Lopez has just what it takes to sit down and talk shop with HoopsVibe. Don't let her looks fool you. This girls got one thing on her mind, championships.

HV: Are you a big basketball fan?

Claudia: I love me some Lakers! LA Lakers fan.

HV: Who's your favorite player?

Claudia: Kobe!

HV: Since you're a model men must hit on you all the time. How do you like a man to approach you? 

Claudia: I honestly see all men as supporters so I give everyone the chance to conversate. The best way to approach me will be with a civilized conversation rather than flodding me with compliments. 

HV: What's your favorite part of your body and why?

Claudia: I love my body as it is. I think all girls should love their bodies as well. My favorite part would be my face and legs.

HV:  What would shock people to know about you they haven't already read?

Claudia: I love onions!

HV: If you could change one thing on your body what would it be.

Claudia: I am honestly confortable with my body the way it is, but if I can magically chance something, it would be my bottoms. I wouldn't mind having a bigger booty.

HV: Are you single? Trust me our readers will want to know lol.

Claudia: Yes, I am single.

HV: How would you describe yourself as a lover? Are you shy or do you like to take charge?

Claudia: I take charge. I'd rather express myself than be shy. I like to speak my mind and allow my parter to know how I feel and what I think rather than keeping quiet. I think that in a relationship it's really important to have strong communication skills and express each other. Shyness won't really work. But who know, It's just an opinion 

HV: If you could date one celebrity who would it be and why?

Claudia: Wentworth Miller, Michael Ealy, Josh Duhamel. They are simply amazing! I love them all. If I had one of them I'd live happy.

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Photo Credit: Allen Wayne