Thursday , May , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Leaning & fadeway jumpers

Leaning jumpers are harder to shoot than regular jump shots but in turn they are also harder to block. A leaning jumper is when you go to shoot, you jump either backwards, or to the right or left. (When you Jump backwards it is called a Fade-away). Leaning jumpers result in; 1: your shot coming from an unexpected location, 2: Your shot is harder to block, and 3: a bit of an off balanced shot. But that is nothing that Practice cannot fix.

First you have to set up a steady distance that you will be jumping each time you shoot a leaning jumper. If you jump back three inches one time, and six the next time it is going to be hard to shoot it effectively and gage how hard you have to shoot it.

If you try to shoot an unpracticed fade-away jumper chances are that it will fall short of the rim. You need to adjust your shooting power to tell your self to throw the ball a little harder.

This is a shot that needs to be practiced over and over again to insure that you don’t embarrass yourself in a game. Make sure that you practice jumping back left and right so that your competition will have a harder time blocking your shot. Note: if you have a wide-open shot just shoot the higher percentage jump shot. Leaning jumpers are only for tight situations.