Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Killer Crossover [Video Demonstration]

Killer crossover

The Killer Crossover is a shake most associated with former Golden State and Miami point guard Tim Hardaway, often being referred to as the “UTEP Two-step” as a consequence. In an era when crossovers were rarely seen, Tim would regularly freeze his defender to the floor with this one, earning the move its ominous title. Nowadays it can still be seen on the NBA hardwood, with each new generation of players putting their own spin on the old favorite.


  • Initiate the move by driving to one side, allowing your defender to maintain his position in front of you. If you beat him off the dribble or drive too slowly, the move will not be effective.
  •  When you have taken two or three dribbles, slow down and straighten up. This will force your man to alter his defensive posture. If he stays in a crouched position, however, you have an easy jumper at this point.
  • Dribble the ball low under your opposite leg, the left in this demonstration. As you do so, follow through with the shoulder of your dribbling hand so that you are leaning across your body. This motion does not need to be particularly quick; in fact, if it is too fast, your defender will not have time to react to the fake.
  • Switch the ball back to your original hand and shift your weight onto the opposite foot. While the first dribble in the sequence is lateral, this one should be in the direction of the hoop.
  •  From here, the best option is to go straight to the bucket. However, if your defender is still with you after the initial crossover, you may be able to lose him by pulling it back, as in this demonstration.
  •  You have the basic triple-threat options at this point: pass, shoot and dribble. The strong stance also allows you to go left or right as desired.