Friday , Dec , 17 , 2010 C.Y. Ellis

J.R. Smith Dunks All Over Gary Neal

Even after watching him scrape defenders off the sole of his sneakers numerous times in his career, I’m still occasionally taken aback by some of the things J.R. Smith is capable of doing in the air. About ten minutes ago he added yet another extraordinary play to his already prolific highlight reel with an absolutely filthy dunk against the Spurs. Taking off some eleven feet from the bucket, "Swish" threw home an emphatic two-hander all over a hapless Gary Neal, who seemed as surprised as the rest of us that Smith had even attempted – let alone completed – a dunk from that distance.

In short, J.R. Smith made Gary Neal his prison wife. Check out the clip below and then leave a comment to let us know where you think this dunk ranks among the plays of the year.

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