Tuesday , Apr , 12 , 2011 Paul Eide

Current NBA Playoff Seedings And Match-Ups


With two games left to play, we know the 16 teams that have advanced into the playoffs. But both conferences have at least half of their final seedings up in the air with two games left to play. Is it just me or is this the most relevant the final two games of the NBA regular season has been in a few years?
Eastern Conference
In the East the Bulls are the confirmed one seed. The Heat are two in front of the Celtics for the second spot. The Celtics are four games in front of Orlando so they can’t finish any worse than third.  Orlando is seven in front of Atlanta so plan on the Magic being the fourth seed. But the fifth seed through the seventh seed will be decided in the next two days.
Atlanta in fifth is two games in front of the Knicks. The Knicks in six are one game in front of the 76ers. So, the Hawks, 76ers or Knicks could finish as high as fifth or as low as seventh.  Meanwhile, the Pacers sit in eighth with a glass of cognac and a smoking jacket, waiting to be eliminated.
1) Chicago Bulls vs. 8) Indiana Pacers
Season Series CHI 3-1
2) Miami Heat vs. 7) Philadelphia 76ers
Season Series MIA 3-0
3) Boston Celtics vs. 6) New York Knicks
Season Series BOS 3-0
4) Orlando Magic vs. 5) Atlanta Hawks
Season Series ATL 3-1
Western Conference
In the West the Spurs are the confirmed one seed. Dallas is one game in front of the Lakers and Thunder for the second seed, as both of the aforementioned teams are tied for third (which the Lakers would win on a tiebreak) meaning the Thunder are currently in fourth. Denver has locked up the fifth seed and that’s really the only “for sure” seeding other than the Spurs in first. The Trailblazers in sixth are one game up on both Memphis and New Orleans. Similar to the Eastern Conference’s fifth seed conundrum, the Trail Blazers, Grizzlies and Hornets could end as highly seeded as fifth or as low as eighth.
1) San Antonio Spurs vs. 8) New Orleans Hornets
Season Series tied 2-2
2) Dallas Mavericks vs. 7) Memphis Grizzlies
Season Series MEM 3-1
3) Los Angeles Lakers vs. 6) Portland Trail Blazers
Season Series LAL 3-1
4) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. 5) Denver Nuggets
Season Series OKC 3-1

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