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Can Jimmer Fredette Succeed In The NBA? Google “JJ Redick” For Your Answer

I remember the first time Jimmer Fredette came out of college. It was back in 2006. He was fresh off of becoming the highest scoring player in the history of the ACC. He wasn’t a great ball handler and the only way for him to make an impact in a game was by shooting; scoring was his most notable attribute, but other than that he was pretty limited and lacked the ability to create his own shot. He was a liability on defense, wasn’t a great passer and contributed almost nothing in the way of rebounding.

He was drafted 11th overall and it took him five years to average double figures for an entire season, mainly because of a lack of minutes. And why was the 11th overall pick having trouble getting minutes? Because in a league where every guy on the court can score if they get enough shots, nothing he did was special. Especially when in his first couple years, his shots weren’t falling like they were at Duke. Then what do you do with a guy like that other than overpay him? You sit him on the bench and only use him in certain circumstances.

Jimmer Fredette is JJ Redick Part deux. All the signs are there, from the lack of marketable skills to the arrogance. Looking at their career college stats, I can’t be the only one who has figured this out already, can I? Surely some pro scout has noticed this, from the obvious facts I’ve already mentioned down to the averages per year in college.

Redick averaged 15 ppg year one, Fredette 7 ppg. Year two Redick 15.1, Fredette 16.2. Year three Redick 21.8, Fredette 22.1. Year four Redick 26.8, Fredette 28.9. Career rebounding averages? Redick 2.7, Fredette 2.6 rpg. Career assist averages, you ask? Redick 2.2, Fredette 3.7. Worse collegiate haircut? Fredette by a mile.

Now ask yourself this; who faced better competition in college, Redick at Duke or Fredette at BYU? I think we both know the answer to that don’t we? So if anything, his college numbers were inflated compared to Redick. Imagine the career numbers if Redick played against Fredette’s competition; he wouldn’t just be the ACC’s all-time leading scorer at his time of graduation, he’d be the all-time leading scorer in the UNIVERSE. Hmmm..I wonder what kind of pro Fredette will be.

So when Fredette’s draft stock slips a week from now and he’s drafted closer to the beginning of the second round rather than closer to the beginning of the first, remember this article. If an idiot like me can figure this out, all 30 NBA teams have as well. Except maybe the Clippers or Timberwolves. Anyone else telling you anything different is blowing smoke.

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