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David Stern Admits His Comments About Jim Rome’s Wife Were Wrong

David Stern finally admits his comments about Jim Rome’s wife were wrong.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Stern should still be fined for being an ass.

David Stern Admits His Comments About Jim Rome’s Wife Were Wrong

David Stern isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. It took in a couple weeks to finally realize what the rest of the planet figured in in about 2 secons, that his comments about Jim Rome beating his wife (in jest) were grossly innapropriate. The reality is a player in the NBA had committed this type of foot-in-mouth mistake they’d be fined from the league. Unfortunately, Stern is just enough of a dumbass to think this will go away with an unofficial non-apology the sounds something like, “You know, I would do it again differently.”

Gee, ya think. When did this avalanche of knowledge come crashing down on ya David. Was it right before you discovered putting your hand in a fire hurts, or right after you figured out drinking out of the toilet is a bad idea.

Some see this as a rare slip for a commissioner that has helped build the NBA into the world-wide presence that it now commands. Others see this as an example hubris that believes it is above the law and a sign that a replacement is overdue.

Stern’s unofficial apology came on the radio Monday in Washington, D.C. He played it off by saying,  “What can I tell you? I’m like LeBron. You get a day older, and you hope you get wiser rather than just older.”

Stern being frustrated with Rome’s line of questioning in understandable, but is response is still offensive and requires contrition. His refusal to admit his mistakes is exactly the type of shortsighted ego tripping we’d expect of a Ron Artest not the commissioner. Grow up David and simply apologize for real.

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