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Doug Collins Rips Off Philly Fans.

Doug Collins is a heartless man.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: The fans could almost feel the warmth of the Big Mac in their hands.

The Sixers run a promotion where any time the team scores 100 or more points in a home game, everyone who attended that game gets a free Big Mac from a local McDonalds.

Last night the Sixers beat the Atlanta Hawks 99-80 in Philadelphia. The score was the same and Philly had the ball with 23.7 seconds left.

So who’s the bad guy? Doug Collins. 

Sure, they don’t have to score any more points as the game is in the bag. But, if they do, the fans walk out with a ticket for a free Big Mac. So what does Collins do? He tells Evan Turner to dribble the clock out! Check the video below and make your own opinions:

There are three facets to this video that make it pretty obvious that Collins is in the wrong;

1) Collins’ own face at the :17 mark of the video and again with 3 seconds left on game clock– Every fan in the place is on their feet in hopes that the Sixers will pull through and exceed the 100 point barrier to a free, double meat patty treat from Ronald McDonald. You can feel their excitment. They can’t wait to EXPLODE into a frenzy once that point is scored. But wait- Collins is NOT having it. Look at his face at approxomately :17 seconds in- he knows what he is doing is wrong.

2) Evan Turner– In a classic case of “kill the messenger”, Turner is stuck with the task that NO ONE on the 76ers wants to be responsible for; dribbling the clock out one point shy of 100 when free food depends on it. Turner is up for the challenge though, and when the crowd gets antsy and vocal about the impending outcome, he quickly gestures towards coach Collins as the triggerman, repeatedly.

3) The kid at :42– His face and body language say everything you need to know. He is the face of someone who got gipped HARD and he just processed it.

At least Collins delivered the fans a win, but what would you have done? Score a quick, easy lay-up to ensure the free Big Macs? Or dribble it out?

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