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Doc Rivers to Clippers, but Stern to Block KG Trade?

Rivers to Clippers, but Kevin Garnett trade blocked?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: When will David Stern finally retire and leave the NBA alone? 

Doc Rivers Rage.

The word is Doc Rivers is FINALLY headed to the Clippers. This on-again off-again on-again fiasco has already gotten many basketball fans bored, but the deal is now getting done according to Yahoo Sports. The Clippers will reportedly give the Celtics a 2015 unprotected first round pick in order for them to release Doc  Rivers from his current contract. The Clippers are also working out a 3-year $21 million dollar contract for Rivers to coach the Clippers according to ESPN News.

Can you smell Clipper championship? Hmmm, not so fast. They still wouldn’t be finishing in the top three in the Western Conference and the word out of ESPN is that David Stern has said any deal involving Kevin Garnett to the Clippers will be viewed as part of the Doc Rivers deal and will be blocked.

The last time the league got involved in blocking a trade it was blocking the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers. Apparently, that trade was no good because it was going to make the Lakers too dominant. Stern turned around the then allowed Dwight Howard to go to Los Angeles, which apparently made them worse (look at their record before he arrived). Maybe Stern knows what he’s doing. That was a joke.

Either way, sources close to ESPN and Yahoo News now report there is little to no chance of Kevin Garnett becoming a Clipper this season because Stern will block the trade. The major pieces that were being discusses were DeAndre Jordan for KG. Looks like Lob City is still going to be Lob City next year with Jordan and Blake throwing down monster dunks, they simply won’t be championship bound.

Here’s our favorite Doc Rivers funny faces.

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