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Top 10 Things NBA Ballers Do In The Off Season.

Top 10 Things NBA Ballers do in the off season and we got proof (pic gallery).

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: I don’t know about you, but it feels odd seeing Kobe Bryant shopping at Ralph’s and LeBron James at the dentist. I guess they are human after all.

A Kobe Bryant Grocery Header

When the off season hits NBA ballers scatter back to their homes. Some spend time with their families, some hit the gym, and others attack the finest strip clubs in town. These are our Top 10 things NBA ballers do in the off season.

#10 Hit the beach or pool.

Who doesn’t love spending time by the water? These athletes got the bodies to show off for the ladies and the money to hit the hottest spots in the world. You will definitely catch NBA ballers at the beach. We caught Pau an Marc Gasol in our gallery above.

#9 Go to the doctor.

Even All-Star players have to go to the dentist. Check the gallery above for our picture of LeBron James getting a little dental work done.

#8 Get stuck in traffic.

Yes, even LeBron James and Dwyane Wade get stuck in traffic. Off the court, they’re forced to slum it on the same overcrowded roads that all of us drive on. Given, they’re usually in nicer cars.

#7 Go to the movies.

You never know what movie theater you will catch a basketball player at in Los Angeles. We bumped into Ronny Turiaf at the premiere of Brad Pitt’s World War Z.

#6 Shopping.

With such a busy regular and post-season schedule, the off season is a great time to blow some of that hard earned money on goodies. The off season is definitely a time to hit the mall.

#5 Helping out in their communities

Just ask Russell Westbrook, Tim Duncan, or Derrick Rose, NBA players spend a good amount of time and money getting involved in their communities. Some think this is purely to hep cultivate their public images, but I like to think they also get a lot out of helping the very people that cheer for them daily.

#4 Play video games.

Yes, it’s true most NBA players only play NBA 2K13, but you’d be surprised how many are also into Call of Duty, Dishonored, and Halo. You will catch some at the big gaming conferences (E3 and Comic Con)

#3 Rub elbows with celebrities.

Hoopers want to be rappers. Rappers want to be hoopers. And everyone wants to be a movie star. A celebrity loves nothing better than hanging with other celebrities. You better believe the NBA’s top players will spend their summer with celebrities like Kanye West (see gallery above.)

#2. Hang with friends.

the off season is a great time to spend time with friends outside of the basketball court. Most players develop some type of friendship with their teammates, but it’s nice to hang with the friends they’ve had all their lives too.

#1. Spend time with family.

The NBA season keeps players away from their wives and kids a lot of the 82 game regular season plus the playoofs. When the off season eventually arrives it is time for the family.

** Bonus Activity: Hit the strip clubs.

It is a well established fact that NBA players love strip clubs and the off season is the perfect time to invest in their local female college fund one dollar at a time. Some NBA strip club connoisseurs of note are James Harden (known to drop upward of 20k a night) Brandon Jennings (dropped 25k in one night), Andrew Bynum (Has been recovering at a strip club), and the entire Miami Heat team (hit a strip club after their Game 6 loss to Indiana).

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