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Top 5 NBA Scoring Leaders All Time

The following is a list of the Top 5 NBA Scorers of All Time

Hoopsvibe's quick call:  Random facts like this are always interesting, especially for true hoops fans.

Michael Jordan statue

5.) Wilt Chamberlain – 31,419 points, 1,045 games played, 30.1 ppg.

Wilt Chamberlain, currently holding the 5th spot on the all time scoring list, has been argued as the most dominant center ever to play the game.  Many who contest that claim cite the fact that Chamberlain was a goliath playing amonst davids, but Chamberlain's career numbers are pretty insane.  (Not to mention he was hacked every game by the opposing team – Chamberlain took a beating).  But he won 7 NBA scoring titles, and is the only player ever to have done the following: score 100 points in one game, average 30 points and 20 rebounds in a season, average more than 40 and 50 points in a season.  He was also famous for having slept with over 20,000 women.

4.) Kobe Bryant – 31.617 points, 1,239 games played, 25.5 ppg

Interesting thing about Bryant holding the four spot is that a.) he hasn't retired yet and b.) he's just 675 points shy of tying Michael Jordan for third all time on the list.  Moreover, Kobe has scored less than 700 points in a season only once; his rookie year.  Talk about motivation for the 5-time NBA champion to heal his torn Achilles and get back on the court.

3.) Michael Jordan – 32,292 points, 1,072 games played, 30.1 ppg

Kind of surprising that The Airman is #3 on the list, but he's still the best of all time.  Jordan ended his career with six NBA championships, six NBA Finals MVP's and the record for most career points per game with 30.12 and most career playoff points per game with 33.45.  On the endorsement side, no one has been able to touch the Jordan brand.  Despite the fact that MJ has been retired for a 10 years now, the Jordan Brand itself reportedly generates 1.75 billion a year globally and MJ himself made $80 million last year.  (The only athlete to earn more was Floyd Mayweather, who made $85 mill.)

2.) Karl Malone – 36,928 points, 1,476 games played, 25 ppg.

Don't sleep on Karl Malone.  He doesn't get the hype that many of the other ballers do, but Malone did everything in his career except win a championship.  He's a 14 time all star, a two time league MVP, and appeared in the playoffs every season of his career.  He also led the league in free throws in a season a record seven times.  Malone earned the nickname The Mailman because "he always delivered."

1.) Kareem Abdul Jabaar – 38.387 points, 1,560 games played, 24.6 ppg.

​It will be hard for any player to touch Abdul Jabbar's record, but maybe Kevin Durant or Lebron James will play long enough to come close.  Jabbar was a six time NBA champ, won the league MVP six times, and was a 19 time all star, among many other accolades/accomplishments.  He averaged 2.5 blocks per game over the course of his career, and sky hook was his the seven foot two inch Jabbar's signature shot.

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