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Top 10 Most Hated Players In The NBA

The Top 10 most hated players in the NBA.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Some deserve their rankings more than others, but who will be #1.

Los Angeles Clippers Press Conference

#10 Dwyane Wade: The only thing Wade ever did wrong was become a part of the Big Three in Miami. This is truly the only reason anyone dislikes him. Prior to LeBron arriving in South Beach, Wade would have never been on this list.

#9 Lamar Odom: Rightfully or not Lamar’s association with the Kardashians and their reality show have made him into a target of everything that’s wrong with television, sports, and society. I’ve always liked Lamar, but a lot of folks out there turned on him when he married Khloe Kardashian and went from Sixth Man of The Year in LA to struggling benched reality star in Dallas and with the Clippers.

#8 Tony Parker: Parker fell onto the NBA’s most hated list after both breaking up with Eva Longoria  and being accused of cheating on his wife with a fellow teammates wife. It’s one thing to cheat, but with your teammates wife? That’s unspeakable. Plus, do we even need to mention his French rap album?

#7 Dwight Howard: Orlando fans hate him for holding their team hostage, Laker fans hate him for snubbing them, and everyone else outside of Houston hates him for not being on their team. Yes, he’s got a million dollar smile, but his indecision and whining are enough to turn off even the most devout basketball fan.

#6. JJ Redick: He was despised when he was at Duke for his cocky attitude and inability to miss jump shots. Now that he’s in the pros, Redick is still hated both for his cocksure approach to the game and gossip surrounding an abortion contract he had his former girlfriend sign. Yikes!

#5 Carmelo Anthony: The two strikes against Anthony was the way he parted ways with Denver and his inability to play well with Jeremy Lin who was the darling of New York last season.

#4 Ray Allen: When Allen jumped ship from Boston to head to Miami he received death threats. He not only abandoned the Celtic faithful, he left them for their arch enemy. Many Boston fans will never forgive him.

#3 Metta World Peace: It’s pretty obvious why a lot of people hate Metta. He literally went into the stands and punched a fan in the face. He’s physical on the court and crazy off it. For the record, I didn’t want you on the list Metta. The other guys made me do it.

#2 Kobe Bryant: Los Angeles fans love Kobe and the rest of the NBA generally hates him. He had a 45% dislike ranking on the Forbes “Most Hated NBA Player List” last year. Yes, this is an actual list. I’m guessing Forbes had some free time with the economy in the gutter and decided to lower themselves to watching sports like the rest of us. People generally hate Kobe for the same reason they hate LeBron … for being amazing.

#1 LeBron James: People are still hating on LeBron both for “The Decision” to go to Miami and his enormous success since arriving in South Beach. Love him or hate him. He’s got back-to-back MVPs, Final MVPs, and NBA Championships. LeBron makes being hated cool.

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