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Kobe Says Achilles Feels Good.

Black Mamba on the mend, but does it matter?

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Everyone wants Kobe back in action, but realistically the Lakers are biding their time until next summer when they can go after big names.

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"My tendon feels really, really good. I was really lucky," said Bryant. He appeared in Manila for promotion work and gave a little chat as part of his product obligations. Video of his talk below. Oh, and they did appear to love it.

Kobe is on the mend from his Achilles he tore April 12th. He had surgery on his Achilles the following day to get started on getting better immediately. Kobe's rehab has been intense over the summer. "The trainers go with me everywhere. Family vacations, business trips — they're there all the time," he said.

The question is whether Kobe's intense rehab really matters. The Lakers lost Dwight Howard, arguably the best center in the game over the summer. The truth though is that they were pathetic last year with Dwight. Next season without him do they really stand a chance at making a run in the West against the young and athletic Oklahoma City Thunder, the well coached San Antonio Spurs, or the Los Angeles Clippers who are drowning in talent? 

The answer is no. The Lakers are legitimately not a factor in the West this year. This is one of the key reasons Dwight left. If Kobe truly wants to make a run at a 6th ring he'll have to hope the Lakers scoop up some serious talent one year from now when LeBron and Carmelo become available.

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