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Nike Looks to Reinvent “Just Do It.”

On the 25th anniversary of "Just Do It" Nike challenges everyone to go further.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: LeBron teams up with Serena and others in a short film to push us all a little further.


The Nike "Just Do It" campaign is as well known as the nickname Michael "Air" Jordan. It is practically synonymous with sports, but like Sam Cooke sang, "A Change is Gonna Come." This change involves Nike looking to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the "Just Do It" slogan by launching a "Possibilities" campaign that focuses on individuals pushing their limitations and striving to reach new goals.

Nike uses celebrities like LeBron James and playful scenarios to help viewers to #justdoit themselves through a number of Nike+ challanges. 

From Aug 20 through Sept 13, runners using the Nike+ Running app can log their Nike+ miles towards winning a once-in-a-lifetime running experience, as part of Nike's crowd sourced Free Run concept.

The Nike+ digital ecosystem has more than 18 million global members, and anyone who engages in these Challenges will be encouraged to share their activity through the hashtag #justdoit to ultimately help drive participants to realize new possibilities.

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