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CP3 Elected President of Players Union.

Chris Paul (CP3) replaces Derek Fisher in leading the NBA union.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: With the union coming out of some tumultuous years, this could be just the leadership they need.


Being  the president of anything is never easy. You have to put up with conflicting points-of-view, interests, and financial perspectives. Chris Paul is about to get a crash course in leading a diverse group of players that are all looking to him for answers.

ESPN reported just reported that Chris Paul has been elected the president of the NBA’s player union. This comes after he held the position of vice president on the executive board of the NBA player’s union for the last four years. Paul is the most high profile player to be president of the NBA player’s union since Patrick Ewing held the position in 2001.

Paul takes over an NBA player’s union that has been marred with problems. Derek Fisher has been the president since 2006 and oversaw some difficult years for the union. One of the biggest issues was clearly the 2011 lockout and implications of a truncated season. The union fired long-time executive director Billy Hunter after an audit revealed he’d been funneling business towards family and is now “suing the union for allegedly engaging in secret negotiations with owners to end the NBA lockout in 2011 behind his back.”

One of the main concerns with the president being a star in the league is that he must remember he represents all 450 players and not just the elite. Paul has always been viewed as an even-handed and highly respected player in the NBA. The players are now looking forward to his bringing that leadership and integrity to the negotiating table.

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