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Top 10 Drug Users in the NBA.

Lamar Odom's alleged drug dealer says Odom played against the Knicks on Faeb 10, 2013 after buying 16k of cocaine and smoking some prior to the game. 

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: We all hope Lamar Odom doesn't eventually end up on this list too.


#10 Josh Howard: Pot may be legal in Colorado, but not in the NBA. Howard opens up about his own marijuana use and how prevalent it is in the NBA.

#9 Corey Blount: (Pot). If as many players in the NBA smoke pot as Josh Howard believes, someone has to supply all that Kush. That guy would be former Chicago Bull and Los Angeles Laker Corey Blount who was arrested with 29 pounds of pot on him. Yikes, that's a lot of clouds to puff.

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#8 Chris Andersen: (Unknown). The reason Andersen's drug of choice is unknown is he won't admit what he got caught using, but due to the severity of the ban we know it was one of the drugs on this list (Methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, opiates, heroin, codeine, morphine, and PCP). Andersen turned his life around though, went to rehab, and got reinstated to the NBA. This is one of the few happy endings on this list.

#7 Chris Washburn: (Cocaine). Washburn was taken 3rd overall in the 1986 draft. He was expected to make a major impact with the Phoenix Suns, but checked himself into rehab midway through the season for a reported cocaine problem.

#6 Mitchell Wiggins: (Cocaine). Wiggins was part of the 1986 Houston Rockets that definitely had a drug problem. They had multiple players suspended for testing positive for cocaine this year. Wiggins was suspended for two and a half years which essentially ended his career.

#5 Lewis Lloyd: (Cocaine). This was another Houston Rocket player suspended for cocaine use in 1986. To say Cocaine was a popular drug in the NBA during 1986 is like saying Woody Allen's marriage to his daughter is a little inappropriate. 

#4 Michael Ray Richardson: Richardson was a 3-time NBA All-Star, but was banned from the NBA for life after failing 3 drug tests. After being banned from the NBA Richardson turned his life around and kicked his addiction and went on to play overseas. One of the few success stories. 

#3 Keon Clark: (Alcohol). Clark was the 13th overall pick by the Orlando Magic in the 1989 draft. He went on to a marginal NBA career and was arrested in 2006 on weapons and drug charges. At his trial he admitted he started drinking heavily in high school and "never played a game sober."

#2. Len Bias: (Cocaine). The tragic story of Len Bias overdosing just hours after being selected as the 2nd overall pick in the 1986 draft by the Boston Celtics is well known. He had just signed a $3 million Reebok shoe contract and was looking to celebrate. This is one of the most tragic drug stories in the NBA.

#1. Roy Tarpley: (Cocaine and Alcohol). Tarpley was the 7th player selected in the 1986 draft, but was permanently banned from the NBA in 1995 for repeatedly failing the NBA substance abuse policy.

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