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2014 NBA Predictions: The Ultimate Starting Five

The All-Star team is always tainted by big markets who can vote in players that aren’t as worthy as their peers.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: If LeBron James was on THIS team, there would be much more reason for his “not one, not two, not three…”


While there are still some question marks about players that could contend for a slot on the “ultimate 2014 starting five” (Derrick Rose and Andrew Bynum highlight the list), here’s who would make it based on their projected value come the 2014 season.

Point guard

Chris Paul has to win this battle by default, but I would very strongly consider Warriors star guard, Steph Curry, for this role. With his uncanny knack for making basically any shot on the floor within 30 feet and his brilliant passing, Curry is up there with Derrick Rose and LeBron James as one of the most exciting players to watch. CP3 is nearly unanimously regarded as the best point guard in the league…but if Derrick Rose comes back strong from that devastating ACL injury, this position could easily go to him.

Shooting guard

It’s probably the position with the least depth in the NBA (aside from center, but are there even centers anymore?), but it would have to go to James Harden of the Houston Rockets. Before Lakers fans get up in arms against me, let’s remember that the future Hall of Fame guard still has a question mark with regards to his return. If he comes back strong, like Rose, he will certainly vie for the position as the NBA’s best shooting guard.

Small forward

Four MVPs and two Finals MVPs. It’s LeBron James—there’s no question about it.

Power forward

You would think I’d learn from betting against anything to do with the San Antonio Spurs but I’m going to do it again. Tim Duncan HAS to cool off this year, there’s no way he can continue his robotic seasonal per 36 average of 20/11/3 at age 37. It shouldn’t be possible. So, I’m going with the star in Portland, LaMarcus Aldridge. Between him and Damian Lillard, the Trailblazers may catch some teams by surprise early on in the season, but unluckily for them, the West is such a deep conference. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that LA is the best PF in the game.


I debated whether or not I should make it just a two guard and three forward lineup, but for now I’ll stick with the traditional positions. And as much hate as he gets, Dwight Howard is still clearly the best center in the league. While I think Andrew Bogut out in Golden State can catch some people by surprise, not only is D12 the best in the game but he fits well with this hypothetical team…aside from his horrific free throw shooting that is. His defensive mindset will help anchor a defense with three potent scorers.

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