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Royce White Apparently Loves Mexican Strippers and Sex Tapes

The Royce White story continues to take curious turns off the court.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s amazing anyone is still willing to give White a shot in the NBA. His antics are running thin.

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It’s one thing for James Harden to drop $20,000 on strippers in one night or for Brandon Jennings to go through $25,000 in lap dances. This is still obnoxious and ridiculoug, but at least these guys have massive million dollar contracts and are bonafide stars. Its is quite another thing for Royce White to live a lifestyle that detracts from his paltry basketball career and he clearly can’t afford.

The latest in the Royce White saga was reported on Baller Alert and Jocks and Stiletto Jill involving his allegedly paying a couple of Mexican strippers “two-racks” to come stay at his home in Sugarland (Houston), so he could humiliate them and use them in gang-bangs with his friends. He wanted to capture the moment and reportedly filmed the entire event. It was also said he frequently plays his numerous sex tapes for guests at his home.

This is just the latest in a never-ending saga of Royce White mistakes that will eventually result in his disappearance from the NBA and organized basketball. Just last week White was accused of domestic violence with that issue still pending. These are clearly not the signs of a player ready to step into the NBA.

Photo Credit : Royce White Twitter

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