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Greatest Dunk In NBA History: Tom Chambers Over Mark Jackson

On January 27th, 1989, Tom Chambers executed the greatest dunk in NBA history.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: In the fourth quarter of an eventual 132-130 victory, Chambers made a hapless victim of Knicks guard and current Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson.  


“It was one of those things where I didn’t have time to stop and go around. So I just tried to get myself to the rim and I was able to do that- and literally jumped over Mark Jackson,“ said Chambers in an interview years later.

Chambers was having a great game and ended up with 36 points, but the only two that anyone remembers are from this dunk. Check out the commentary from NBA All-Star Mitch Richmond:

“He tried to protect himself and maybe gave me more of a push because I had to duck my head when I was coming down from the dunk.“

Earlier in the year, when DeAndre Jordan dunked on the Pistons Brandon Knight, Jackson was asked how it felt to get dunked on in such a ridiculous fashion. 

"It's funny because I've seen people say he made the right play and they're right, but nobody ever said I was trying to take a charge and what a great play by me," Jackson said. "They just say I got dunked on, accept it."

“The funny thing is that the people talking about the lists of the dunks and the younger announcers forget about it until you can tell the one with a little bit of gray hair says 'What about the Mark Jackson one?'” he said. “Then all of a sudden it lights up and it was comical because a lot of my players didn't know it was me.

“They were talked about the Tom Chambers dunk and a couple of the older guys said it was me in the picture. Then all of a sudden it's 'That was you Coach.' It's a bad memory. A bad, bad memory.”

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