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The Odds of Playing in the NBA.

Lets just say you better have a backup plan.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Only 3 out of 10,000 high school basketball players go pro.

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With the massive popularity of the NBA more kids than ever dream of growing up to play professional basketball. Although kids dreaming big and working hard on their game is great, the statistics on the number of players that actually make it to the pros is daunting. I know no one wants to think they’ll ever get injured or worse yet, that they simply aren’t good enough, but the reality is no matter how much you are dominating the local, state or even national scene the odds are stacked against you.

Here’s a peak inside exactly what the odds are of playing professional basketball. We suggest staying awake in math class just incase your crossover dribble doesn’t prove to be quite as lethal as you thought.

  • High School Players: 545,844
  • College Players: 17,500
  • Draftees: 48

​​If we break this down into percentages it is even more impressive.

  • Players that make the jump from high school to college: 2.9%
  • Players that make the jump from college to pro: 1.3%
  • Players that make the jump from high school to pro: .03%

This means out of every 10,000 kids playing basketball in high school only 3 will make it to the pros. Note, this doesn’t mean they’re going to stay in the pros more than 5 seconds. This doesn’t mean they’re going to get a sneaker deal and be in a Pepsi commercial. This simply means they’ll get drafted.

When I was in high school we had 8 teams in our league and maybe 100 hundred or so kids in our division. You better be ripping your league and division apart if you think you’re moving up to the next level. And realistically, that’s probably not enough. Your entire division is still probably only a coupe thousand players. You better be ripping your state apart, but depending on what state you play high school in that is also likely not enough.

The bottom line is even if you are convinced you are the next LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, or Moses Malone (Yes, I’m old-school) you better get that education. Worst case scenario you use all your new found math knowledge to make sure you don’t go bankrupt like Allen Iverson and 80% (or so) of NBA players that file for bankruptcy within 5-years of retirement. Best case scenario you know how to handle your money due to all your math knowledge and build an empire like Michael Jordan or at the very least give yourself an option if you blowout your knee or ACL two months into your career. It can happen to anyone, just ask Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant who learnt first hand of their basketball mortality last season.

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