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Shouldn’t LeBron James’ Receding Hairline Make Him More Likeable?

It seems like everyone is rooting for LeBron James to go bald- but why?

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: We love Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, LL Cool J, Dr. Evil and even Michael Jordan.

LeBron James Hairline

"The Decison" was a bald, err, bad one, something King James has openly admitted. "Basically turned me into somebody I wasn't … You start to hear 'the villain,' now you have to be the villain, you know, and I started to buy into it. I started to play the game of basketball at a level, or at a mind state that I've never played at before … meaning, angry. And that's mentally. That's not the way I play the game."

"The Decision" made LeBron James the most hated NBA player and possibly the most hated American athlete in any sport.

But to LeBron's credit, he's bounced back to not only become the league's best player (sorry Kobe), but compiled arguably the greatest three-year run for any pro basketball player ever. Three-straight NBA Finals appearances, two titles and even a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics made him the best player on the planet.

Through it all, LBJ's hairline has been receding. It's a lot more difficult to be cocky when you're losing your hair. Maybe it's all the success, but since the headband has gradually resided higher and higher on his forehead, James has seemed to chill out and also enjoy more on-court success.

As a nation, we love balding guys. Look no further than Roy Munson in Kingpin. We love Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, LL Cool J, Dr. Evil and even Michael Jordan. MJ made being bald cool. Charles Barkley and Shaq went bald during their playing careers but you never heard anyone say peep. We don't even notice that those guys have gone bald.

LeBron has never been afraid to poke fun at himself, though most of the time we are quick to dismiss it. Remember when Kyrie Irving dressed up like an old man and proceeded to ball out at a local park on a "hidden camera"? LeBron ventured into this territory first when he dressed up like an old man and played multiple roles in a Nike ad.

Is there some lingering inauthenticity about James, which makes us almost root for him to go bald?

Last week the makers of NBA 2K14 announced that the digital avatar of LeBron James in the game will feature a receding hairline as they "strive for realism with all of our players." And it was a big story for several days and everybody got their potshots in.

LeBron's receding hairline means he is not invincible nor perfect, that he is just like us.

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