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Fantasy Basketball: Kyrie Irving Set To Blow Up

Like Derrick Rose and Chris Paul before him, Kyrie Irving is set to blow up in year three.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: As a fantasy basketball player, you should capitalize.


In their third seasons, Chris Paul garnered his first All-Star selection, while Derrick Rose won MVP.

Irving is primed to go off and here are four reasons why.

1) Irving looks like the next fantasy basketball stud

Last year’s All-Star Weekend was his coronation as the NBA’s next great point guard. Irving won the Three-Point Shootout, put up 32 points in the Rising Stars Challenge and accumulated a line of 15 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds in the All-Star game.

Since then, there are rumors about how his handle is the best in the NBA thanks to videos like this one:

In his young career he’s done it all; scoring (20.6 ppg), assists (5.7 apg), rebounds, (3.7 rpg), steals (1.3). He can hit from deep (39% career on three’s) and from the line (86%). Irving contributes to a fantasy basketball stat sheet in every conceivable category.

2) The Cavs are better

This year Irving will finally have some help with an influx of fresh talent into Cleveland, which means his assists per game should improve. Put simply, this is the most talent Cleveland has had since LeBron left. And in terms of talent outside of LeBron during his time with the Cavs, the most talented roster in over a decade. That can only help make Irving a better point guard.

3) Irving is healthy

For the skills and all-around value as a fantasy player, Irving’s one area of concern is injury. Irving only played 11 total games in college at Duke thanks to a ligament injury in his big toe and then declaring early for the NBA Draft. During his first two years in the league, Irving has played a total of 110 games and that scares a lot of fantasy basketball players.

But from a fantasy perspective, all of the best point guards in the league outside of Chris Paul (Rondo, Rose, Westbrook) are entering the 2013-14 season with questions about how healthy they are and how effective they will be. Irving is the only one not coming off of a knee injury; advantage Irving.

4) Contract Year

Irving is playing in the final year of his rookie deal. To ensure that the Cavs offer him a max, 5-year, $80 million dollar deal next summer, he needs to have the best season of his career.

Plus, why wouldn't you want to root for "Uncle Drew"?  Irving is an easy guy to like.

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