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Portland Trail Blazers Support Gay Marriage.

Who thought equality of marriage would hit the NBA in 2013?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Good to see at least one NBA team stepping up for equality, especially since basketball is still largely scene as a haven for homophobia and hurtful slurs.


The Portland Trail Blazers have officially become the first NBA team to support marriage equality. The Trail Blazers official statement on the matter was short (32-words to be exact), but still stands as a critical step for gay rights in the NBA. Their official statements as reported by Eric Freeman of Yahoo Sports reads,

“The Portland Trail Blazers are in support of the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection ballot initiative. We do so as believers in individual choice as a fundamental right of all people.”

Yes, I will admit they could have elaborated, but we’ll take it for what it’s worth … a first step. The NBA was set on notice last season when Jason Collins let the world know that he was gay. Would the Trail Blazers have made this statement without all the positive support Jason Collins received? No one knows, but this is how progress is made, one step at a time and the NBA as made a couple large steps in just the last year. Here was the overwhelming feedback for Jason Collins from presidents to NBA legends. We even have 3 special passages from his “coming out.”

Portland is known as one of the most liberal havens in the U.S., so the fact that the Trail Blazers are the first NBA team to take a stand in support of gay marriage is no surprise, but I still think no one saw this happening this season. 

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