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The NBA’s Top 5 Point Guards

Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose attends an in-store  Adidas promotional event near  Champs Elysees

Let me open by saying that I need to explain something before you get halfway through reading this and start having a panic attack. I have left Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo off of this list due to their injuries.

I believe both players would normally get a nod in a top 5 point guards' list, but for the sake of not trying to mesh guys who may miss huge chunks of the season, I skipped these two talented floor generals.

Honroable Mentions- Kyrie Irving, Jrue Holiday, John Wall, Ty Lawson, Damian Lillard:  

5: Deron Williams

Once highly regarded as possibly the best, or second best point guard in the NBA, Deron has taken a bit of a backseat of the course of the past two years or so. This is partially due to the fact that he played for a horrible team in New Jersey, and partially due to the recent rise in stars at the point guard position. With the evolution of the point guard position, and the way it has opened the door for guys who are probably better suited for the shooting guard position, the game has changed, and more traditional guards like Deron Williams have felt the recoil. This simply boils down to more good players at a position that was once played in a different way.

Deron Williams has a lot of traditional point guard to his game, but make no mistake that this guy is still deadly from a scoring aspect. D-Will can fill the cup, and is one of the better all-around point guards in the NBA, today. He just doesn't dazzle crowds with electric athletic ability like the Derrick Roses of the world do.

4: Tony Parker

Tony Parker has been a constant fixture among talks of who's who within the ranks of great NBA point guards. The often-overlooked Parker has cemented his place in today's discussions, as he continues to just do him and win games. The Spurs are obviously a talented unit, but Parker is their motor. He's exceptional in almost every aspect of the game, and really seems to get the job done better than almost anyone else currently playing the position. At 31-years old, Parker is entering the twilight of his great career, but that shouldn't stop him from twisting a few more defenders up, in-route to making at least a couple more deep post-season runs with the Spurs.

3: Stephen Curry

Curry put on his big boy pants last season and showed the NBA what made him such a popular player at Davidson. Curry can simply shoot the ball better than any point guard in the league. Combine that with his great instincts and ball-handling ability, and you've got yourself a perfect combination of shooting guard and point guard. The league has certainly come to lean on guys who can score from the point position, and Curry is probably the most efficient of them all. Steph has shot over 45% from deep over the course of the past two seasons, and with point totals that climbed up over 20 points per game last season, this kid really put his mark on the Golden State Warriors. Expect to see Curry continue to grow as a leader, and lead this young, capable team into the post-season.

2: Derrick Rose

The highly anticipated "return" of Derrick Rose should be one for the books. This kid is back, and he's bringing an improved jumper with him. I always said that D-Rose would be essentially unstoppable if he added a consistent jumpshot to his already dangerous repertoire. Reports would indicate that Rose has added this missing piece to his game, along with extra strength, and an increased understanding of eating right and stretching properly. Simply put, this guy now understands that pure athletic ability doesn't last forever. Ask Tracy McGrady. With an extensive arsenal of acrobatic plays, and lightning quick moves with the ball, Rose truly embodies the new era of NBA point guards.

1: Chris Paul

I couldn't see ending this list without CP3 at the top of it. Not only is Chris Paul the best point guard in the world, but he's a top 5 NBA talent to boot. A lot of you younger readers really don't appreciate the value of what Chris Paul brings to any team he plays for. His ability to score the basketball is right up there with the best of them at his position, only Paul puts the points on the back-burner in order to really control the flow of a game. With unmatched court vision and I.Q., Chris Paul is the closest thing the league has to an old school type point guard. But don't be confused with Paul's love for distributing the rock. When the time comes to put the ball in the hoop, Chris Paul simply delivers.

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