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NBA Legends Rick Barry & John Starks Promoting Ankle-Sprain Resistant Basketball Shoe

The creators of the Ektio basketball are trying to eliminate ankle sprains from society.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Ankle sprains are preventable and no shoe company has ever created a shoe that refuses to roll during a sprained ankle.



“Ankle injuries are the number one injury in basketball and the most common orthopedic injury in the world,” said Dr. Barry Katz, CEO of Ektio.  ”Players that experience one sprain increase their chances of future sprains by up to 35%.  Our technology really exposes the weakness and deficiency of other basketball shoes in regards to providing even the most basic level of ankle support.  As a result, players are forced to wear braces or tape with other shoes, and we still see a very high incidence of sprains.  Ektio is the best solution to protecting against ankle sprains without the need for tape and braces.”

Ektio was established in March 2009 and was created for the specific purpose of preventing ankle injuries on the basketball court, via revolutionary ankle support technology found within its shoes.

Check out this video that explains how the shoe works:

A survey done by Ektio revealed that 42% of players felt that Ektio shoes improved their outside shooting efficiency compared to their prior sneakers.  Not one person in the study indicated that they lost any accuracy on his shot since wearing the Ektio shoe.

John Starks (as you can see in the above video) is Ektio’s promoter and public relations manager, while Rick Barry is a promoter and part of the company’s Board of Directors.  Both have stock in Ektio.

”We’ve taken our product to a whole new level,” Starks said.  ”We’re always striving to improve the product, and we’ve certainly done that with the Breakaway.” The Breakway retails for around $129.95 dollars.

For more information, check the website here.

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Image Credit: Ektio Twitter

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