From “Blame Jon Koncak” to Why Bill Simmons Hates Rick Barry; Three Years Of Writing For HoopsVibe

By Paul Eide

In three years of writing for HoopsVibe, I covered a lot of ground.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: When I first started writing for HoopsVibe three years ago, the NBA lockout was looming and we were all powerless against it.

The 1995-96 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls

But there was one man who deserved the brunt of the blame- Jon Koncak.

Not long after that, the NBA targeted flopping, which basically means they started an anti-Vlade Divac campaign. Good riddance, NBA.

I created original content, trying to determine who the second best player in NBA history was (behind MJ) and what retro basketball video game was the best of all-time.

The origins of the NBA D-League were explored which led directly to the man who killed the Contintental Basketball Association for his own benefit; Isiah Thomas.

My life was threatened when I suggested that Jimmer Fredette would be lucky to have the career of JJ Redick.

I lamented the heights from which NBA All-Star Weekend had fallen. When Gilbert Arenas sold his overpriced house, I asked if you'd rather have his career or Vanilla Ice's. To me, "The Iceman Cometh."

But I could never stop talking about the history of the league.

Whether it was comparing Kobe's 81 point game to David Robinson's 71, or talking about why you should care about the return of the Charlotte Hornets (Hint: best uniforms in any sport ever), with so much awesome history, it's important to see how the game has changed in all aspects. Which is why it was cool to interview NBA Hall of Famers Rick Barry and Elgin Baylor. And, the greatest defensive player in NBA history, Dikembe Mutombo.

Then, I even went a little new school on you as I shared a first person look at the 2013 ESPY Awards in LA and encountered the Bulls Jimmy Butler at every turn.

One of the pieces I had the most fun writing was this piece about A) how former coach Scott Skiles has between six and eight kids and B) the Milwaukee Bucks used to be perennially good when their roster was  loaded with 6-10 and above white guys.

I got in touch with my sensitive side when I complied this list of the top 10 most jacked NBA players. And then quickly compensated for it with a write-up on the top 5 brawls in NBA history and a piece on the top 5 most tatted NBA players.

Quick question; has there ever been a better back court than the Phoenix Suns when they had Jason Kidd, Kevin Johnson and Steve Nash all at once?

Anyway, I digress. I'll close this piece out the way I've ended many relationships with women; with a Saved By The Bell reference.

Seriously though, thank you for checking out the site and providing feedback. It was a lot of fun, sincerely.

Reach out to me on Twitter (@EidePaul), via my website ( or via email ([email protected]).

Thank you very much.

Photo Credit: Chicago Bulls