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BrandBlack New Urban Shoe and Apparel Line

A hot new brand comes to urban fashion. 

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Strong first impressions and more product than I expected.


BrandBlack recently brought on Scott Nelson as Senior Apparel designer with roots in early 1990s streetwear. Scott's worked and designed out of Miami, Europe, and New York with basketball and urban apparel always on the forefront of his approach. He now brings his street fashion to BrandBlack and from the first looks at things it works really well.


This season they launch the XB-Raptor with Aero-frame, TPU-Shank, Jetlon, and Upper-Shield. These are basketball kicks that look like they are from the future. They look like the Neon Trees of urban apparel. I am already wanting a pair for Christmas. 

They're also dropping the XB-Raptor Lows which is predictably the low-top version of the XB-Raptor, the XB-Phantom, XB-Phantom Low, XB-Blackhawk, XB-Jet, and XB-Falcon. The XB-Jet and XB-Falcon look more like running shoes that basketball kicks, but the XB-Phantom look like some of the best straight-up streetballer gear I've seen in years. They almost have the look of a sleek Timberland boot, but with all the bells and whistles of a basketball shoe. I am a fan.


If you're willing to think outside the very narrow box of Nike, adidas, and Reebok basketball shoes these cold be just the kicks to standout. 


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Photo Credit: BrandBlack

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