Keep Your Kicks Clean.

By Featured Guest Journalist

Sneeaker Freaker comes out with their own home cleaning kit.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Nothing worse that dirty kicks, especially when you're paying top dollar. 

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Sneaker Freaker is known for their coverage of what's hot for sneaker heads, but they are also offering a product of their own these days. For just $45 they are now selling their Sneaker Freak X Mr Cleaner Kit online.

The kit features one bottle of Mr Black cleaner and one bottle of Mr Black refresh. You also get a brush for application and issues #29 of Sneaker Freaker. Not a bad gift the the sneaker head that needs to have it all, although a true sneaker head will probably already have their issue of Sneaker Freaker I guess. 

Since we all know their is nothing worse that a scuffed up kick, especially when it's a limited edition custom kicks, spending a couple of dollars to extend the life of some of your favorite shoes is an easy decision. 

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Photo Credit: Sneaker Freaker