Monday , Feb , 24 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis


General/Summary: First of all let me say that NBA 2k2 is the first game I have owned for the PS2. It is obviously a simulation game and has a very good franchise mode. One of the pluses to this game is the extra street mode which allows you to play on famous street courts. The thing is the gameplay doesn’t really change in the street mode its just a different area to play in. There is an arcade mode that you can activate from the gameplay menu and adjust the speed. However the camera slows the game down but ill talk about that later. Overall, NBA 2k2 is a good simulation game but it wasn’t made for the slam-and jam style. The create player mode is definetly the best ever made. The only downfall (and a big one) is you can’t select their shoes. The AI is good for example in the last seconds of the game they take full court shots and start fouling at the end of games.



Gameplay: The gameplay is rather slow and there are hardly ever fastbreaks due to the swinging around of the camera. If you want to execute a play just push the right analog game in any direction and a small list of plays will pop up. If the play you want to use isn’t there just go to coach and activate it. The layout of the buttons are fair. The best part about the controls is the L2 button. See your teamate running in to the basket tap L2 and it passes to the closest man to the basket. You can even do alley-oops onj those rare fastbreak occasions. There is a rather large jump from rookie mode to Pro mode. It takes time and practice to master this game.

Graphics: The graphics are ok but they could be better. I pesonally like the beginning intros at the beginning of the game. It even introduces the coaches. One annoying thing is the players mouths always hang open. The crowds aren’t very special and they are 2D but hey, what did you expect? The replay mode rocks. After me and my friends do a cool dunk or alley-oop we replay it over and over. You can zoom in and out and spin 360 degrees. You can also go in slow motion which is often fun to admire a quick crossover to lose the D or a powerful slam that knocks the other player down.

Sound: The main menu music is ok but not that great. However the beginning intro is simply amazing! The commentary can sometime be annoying if they are speaking against you but can sometimes make you smirk when they admire your cool move. They repeat sometimes and they sometimes make bad calls. I noticed they say differeent things in the arcade mode than in the simulation mode like "Nothing wrong with putting a little style if you have a free path" whereas in the simulation mode they wuold say "Kobe slams it down with authority!". Some occasional comments from the coaches and the fans are a boost too.

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