Monday , Feb , 24 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis


General/Summary: NBA street is centered around the street balls first and foremost rule which is “win or go home.” There are two modes “city curcuit” and “hold the court” mode. In the city curcuit mode you go around the country, sporting your game against the best ballers to ever hit the street scene. The mode is broken up into different regions and after defeating each region you must then face a region boss. The region boss you face will be one of the “street legends” which consist of the best of the best when it comes to the street game. Does your team of NBA all-stars have what it takes to beat the true ballers of the world?



Gameplay: The gameplay is most definately the best part about this game. Not only showing your street skills fun against your friends, the 1 player mode is also very enjoyable, because there are just so many things to do alone. I have yet talk about the hold the court mode which I mentioned earlier and I think this is as good a spot as any to do so. The hold the court mode is my favorite part of the game because it reflects the true meaning of street ball. Now, I’m not here to tell you that I am a street baller myself, I’m actually just some white boy form Nebraska, but I’ll tell you this; the idea of having to win to stay on the court and keep your dignity at the same time is great. Even after you break the winning streak record and the trick record for each court (which are awesome by the way) it is still fun to try and beat your own record. I have heard alot of critics bad mouth this game cause "its too hard", "all you have to do is tthrow it down to shaq every play" aww boo-hoo if you have felt these things about this superb game then you need to go back out and buy it and ill tell you why. First off if you are just throwing it down to shaq every play you are definately playing on easy cause the very intelligent AI wouldnt let you get away with it and your not playing the game right. If you think its too hard you need to try harder and not just quit like a little baby. You first learn the moves from Joe the Show, try them out on the court (on easy) and refine your skills from there. My biggest fear about this game was that it would be too easy. I love how the game challenges you to that last shot for the win. Which is another great part about the game, instead of only getting one "last second buzzer beater for the win oppourtunities you get several per game. I have had games with the computer and my friends that go to over 30 points. I think I am getting off on a rant so ill go to the next thing.

Graphics: I am not going to bore you with the electronical mumbo gumbo about this game cause I honestly have no idea what that crap meana. All I know is that as an avid sports fan myself I know about every player in the NBA and I would like to see his face crunch up when he’s going in for the dunk and not the same face that is on 3 other players on the court. EA sports has done a great job in this arena. I have played with every team and I have no complaints with any player at all. (T-MAC looks sweet! Go Magic!) I have heard some complaints about the cartoonish look of the players but the fact is that this is the best looking b-ball game ever and the "cartoonish look" only enhances the street experience. Sometimes the players go through the hoops but it happens very seldom and if you try and block a shot under the rim you hit your head. And another thing, EABIG has completely revolutionized the block shot. It is almost as fun to play defense as it is to play offense. I get such a rush when SATO (secret player) sends a shot downcourt with a monster block.

Sound: The sound is where most people have problems with and I have some little nit-picks about it as well. First off all of you who dont like Joe the show, I disagree with you, I love his cocky comments and if you play on easy too long (ehem all of you who think the game is too easy) my only complaint is that he does get repetitive but I still dont turn him off. Another complaint I have is that there really needs to be more trash talking between players, this would really increase the street effect. Overall this is a must own game for any playstation 2 owner.