Tuesday , Apr , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

2003 NBA draft

This year during the NBA Playoffs there will be two champions looking to be crowned, an NBA champ, and a NBA lottery champ. One gets a trophy, the other LeBron James.

On May 22nd the NBA will hold it’s Draft Selection to see the order for the June 25th NBA Draft. The teams are designated ping pong balls based on their regular season records. Teams with the worst record would have the best shot at the top picks, all 13 teams that don’t make the playoffs are in the Lottery. The teams with the best shot at the top pick are, Cleveland, Denver, LA Clippers, Chicago, Toronto, Memphis, and Miami.

During the season all the talk, and hype, focused on Lebron James the new “Air Apparent” from Akron(OH.) St. Vincent St. Mary’s High School. He was everywhere from, games televised on ESPN, to tabloid newspapers talking about Hummers and throwback jerseys. He even found the time to lead his high school team to a national championship, and get MVP honors at the McDonald’s High School All-Star Game. Only the Lakers awful start, and Jordan’s farewell tour have gotten more exposure. On May 22nd it will be determined where this phenom will be starting his professional career, but James is not the only future star in this years draft, here are a look at several other players that will have the chance to get drafted this June.

Darko Milicic – 7’0″ 245 Yugoslavia – Center

Milicic will probably be the runner up prize for the team that gets the #2 pick. He’s a big tall European player that unlike most of the other Europeans is more of an inside player, with some low post moves and the size to battle down low. He’s played against the best in Europe against some stiff competition and figures to be NBA ready straight out the gate. Comparable To-a more physical Vlade Divac

Carmelo Anthony – 6’8″ 220 Syracuse – Forward

He could have been a top pick in last year’s draft but decided to play at Syracuse, which worked out well for him. Anthony may be the most athletic and versatile player in the draft. He doesn’t have the hype of James or the size of Milicic but there’s no way Anthony won’t be one of the top 3 picks and an immediate contender for NBA Rookie of the Year. Comparable To- Scottie Pippen

Nick Collison – 6’9″ 250 Kansas – Forward

One of the top college seniors in this years draft, Collison is one of those tweener big men. To small to play center, but not quite big enough to play power forward, Collison will have to develop a better outside shot to get himself from college stud to NBA star. Otherwise keep in mind the names Bryant Reeves, Chris Mihm, and Pervis Ellison. Comparable To- poor man’s Carlos Boozer

Brian Cook – 6’10” 240 Illinois – Forward

Big man with a shooting touch and limited inside game, describes Cook pretty well, but he’ll still get it done on the next level. Cook can shoot the three and has some low post game, but he’s proven to be a solid defender and good character guy. Comparable To- Shane Battier

David West – 6’9″ 230 Xavier – Forward

This is why so many teams draft big guys from other countries. West in another college center, but in the NBA he’s got forward size, but lacks a true outside or off the dribble game. West can pound down low but at his size the guys he’ll be matched up against will have no trouble defending him.

Comparable To- Kurt Thomas

Dwayne Wade – 6’4″ 200 Marquette – Guard

The emotional leader of the Golden Eagles Wade is a complete guard that can do anything. His outside shot is a bit inconsistent but that will come around in time, mean while he’s a big time penetrator with good passing skills, that loves playing the passing lanes and getting easy steals.

Comparable To- a young Penny Hardaway